Monday, March 2, 2015

As this...

As this new year has started, new opportunities happen, new fears are realized, and new life situations arise. Not that I'm complaining!

I spent the entirety of January in bed with Hubby and the evil flu virus. I don't know what was more hellish; the body aches or the state of misery. I'm gonna go with body aches on this one. The nurse practitioner that saw me actually gave me 5 pills of something that masked the pain a good amount. Its the same or a similar something that is given to cancer patients that helps them deal with chemo treatments. At the time I didn't care, ANYTHING to help feel better. But looking back on it I'm all like; "Holy hell, really?!?"

Shortly after the flu and it's evilness ebbed I had to go out of town for a visit to the Doctor that prescribes my anxiety meds. Apparently there's a new drug test required to get the meds, which I am fine with. Pee in a cup, wait, get cleared, get meds for the next 3 months, go home. Easy, right?

Except I failed!

What the hell? *le sigh*The Dr sent his nurse practitioner in to "talk to me" and see what pain killers I've been taking. I was honestly stumped. I've never done drugs. I haven't had prescription pain killers since August (foot surgery), and I felt like a lost jackass. Also I was starting to panic that I would be denied my anxiety meds. I've never done drugs, I rarely if ever drink, and even then it's at home with a half cup of Madori and Sprite that I share with Hubby, I don't even smoke. It was probably the stuff I took to cover the flu symptoms, that I didn't bring with me.

Well I was given a talking to and given a 3 month waiver. And told I had to come back for a new drug test, if I failed that I'd be denied the anxiety meds. Shaking I thrust the new prescription to Hubby and begged him to get me back home.

That didn't really pan out the way I wanted it to, we had to go get it filled, and then went out to eat, and THEN got new phones.


Hubby was turning the day around in an awesome way. We have had flip phones, forever. No texting, just calls. We upgraded to newer flip phones after my riding accident about 5-6 years ago. Now we were standing at the store looking through smart phones. It was crazy! The guy helping us was much older, and super nice, pointing out the phones we could freely (or at low cost) upgrade to in out plan.

Hello Apple iPhone!

It's a 5c, it's green, it's cute, and it's mine! Muhahaha! (Hubby got a white one).

Well while Hubby was getting all these extra things, like a cover, screen protector, and whatever, I was planning on ordering a special made cover to match my business cards. Yeah.We were then thrust into the world of not knowing how the heck to type efficiently on those things, as were were getting them set up (still in the store). Seriously I felt like a bull in a china shop.

Whatever, we got them, got set up, and went home.

2 days later I was in unbearable pain thanks to a broken tooth. I'd take the flu ANY DAY over that kind of pain. It got so bad the night before I went in to get it pulled (thank you Hubby for making me an emergency appointment), that not even swishing with Jack Daniels (nasty stuff btw) would numb it anymore. I honestly didn't think I was going to make the hour drive to the Dentist.

On 3 separate occasions I seriously considered flinging myself out of the moving car and getting in an accident, because surely that pain would be better than the pain I was in. It was that unbearable. Getting x-rays in my mouth was slightly more torturous. Thankfully the lady understood and was super fast, even though we had to try a couple of times cause I kept gagging.

Then the Dentist came to look at me, and the x-rays, saying that the tooth had a very long root down into my jawbone, and might not numb up. She talked about a specialist dentist, and how if she pulled it I may have nerve damage up my entire jaw. I asked her if she'd tell Hubby, cause I couldn't make a decision.

Thank the gods she did! I was literally "out of my mind in pain" as she put it.

Hubby said to yank that bad boy out if I got numbed up and the numbing stuff took. The even allowed him to stay in the room with me as the right side of the jaw faded into puffy numbness. (They were even going to let him stay for the pulling, but he dashed away going pale.) It took a bit of yanking, me squeaking from the pressure, and the Dentist going for the biggest plier things they had in the place, when almost 10 minutes later it was yanked out of my head.

I believe my exact words the moment it came out was; "Mother pooper!" followed by grateful babbles of thanks, before they has me be quiet again for the sutures.

That damn tooth was LONG! It was a wisdom tooth too, and I was amazed how long it was. I almost asked to keep it, but in a bit of spiteful vengeance I let it be disposed of. Never wanted to see the damn thing again. Until these past couple days. Oh well.

The next week was me recovering, being ripped away from my blissful cans of Coke, no straws, no candy, no sticky foods at all. But I was determined. I didn't want dry socket. Hubby had it once and I never ever EVER want that. Believe it or not its worse than the pain I just went through. Yeah, no.

I did go to my soon-to-be sister in laws bridal shower. Thank goodness all of her family new what happened to me, and I was drugged up. They were surprised I actually came, expecting me to be in bed still! Sweet ladies.

I finally started feeling like a normal person again in the past 2 weeks. The cough from the flu has receded so much, my mouth is healed up, and I am slowly getting energy back. Yay!! Also, I have not drunk Coke on a daily basis even though we have a ton of it in the fridge. I'll take a sip of Hubby's can once if I want to taste it, or have some if we go to McDonalds, but drinking it everyday 1 - 3 cans, hasn't happened.

Do I miss drinking Coke? Yes. I miss that caffeine rush and the nummy taste.

What am I drinking now? Water mostly and the occasional GatorAid bottle.

Will I ever fully give up Coke? Not in this lifetime most likely, but having some shared with Hubby once a week is a nice treat.

Back on topic!

Finally feeling better. Still weak and get winded, but not as easily as before. New smart phone, yay!