Friday, March 29, 2013


I really enjoyed today's workout.

I feel limber and soothed.

That's the best way to put it. Also I didn't notice before but the first 3 sections of the DVD equals a hour of working out. It honestly dosen't seem like it.

Won't lie, during the workout today my right knee popped out of place 3 times. Little pop-outs, not enough to make me stop. Just enough to make me pause and pop it back in. It was wobbly last night. Meh.

I am trying to help my friend relax and invited her to come work out with me whenever she feels like it. I really find the entire workout such a soothing experience that it might help her handle the ungodly stress she must be going through. Hopefully everything will fall into place for her and she comes next week. I'm gonna have to find a new place to move the couch, but whatevs, it's do-able.

It might also give me more of an incentive to deep clean the room.

Poor hubby is having a hard time at work this week. Apparently it's spring break, and that means his job is crazy busy, and of course understaffed. He was in severe pain last night and the night before. Tonight seems no different. Poor guy. I wish there was something more I could do to help ease his pain. Everyone seems to live for the weekends, but at our house we dread 'em. There's no shortage of stupid, mean, lazy, and oh yeah, did I mention stupid? When it comes to his job. Mostly I mean the customers. Mostly.

Let's see...oh yeah!

Breakfast was literally 4 bites of leftover mac & cheese & bacon with an apple.

Water, water, water. I drank an entire pitcher of it yesterday and half a pitcher so far today. apple, maybe some cheese slices...wait. I think I'm gonna do a bagel and cream cheese with an apple to snack on later.

Dinner I think is gonna be Taco Bell...I think. With a Liz Bliz Sobe to drink.

I totally have to go shower, then do laundry, then I'm gonna click around on Neopets while being logged into Final Fantasy XI. Tots looking forward to lounging on Saturday and Sunday. Cause I'm lazy like that.

P.S. Apparently I lied. I ate an apple and 3 Hershey Nuggets for lunch,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 4 of 28

Yesterday started off awful. Just awful. My emotions were all a swirl, I got a not so nice note from my brother-in-law, and that just made it worse. I spent almost 2 hours crying. Hubby found out what happened and he went into overprotective mode, ready to tear the guy a new one. The last thing I wanted was for some sort of family drama to crop up. so after making him swear not to do anything right now, he went out to get us drinks from McD's. Sweet tea for me and a caramel frappe for him.

Then my period started. That's okay I know how to handle it. Evening Primrose pill and a little blue Midol Extended Relief pill.

Then our friends came over. One of which is dealing with the end of her mother's life.

It took a second primrose pill for me to stop crying at random times for no reason, but we played D&D.

It was a gooooooood game.

This month's period is worse than last month's, in terms of pain. Even though I considered not working out today and having a can of Coke with breakfast, I did neither. Also, I only had 1 can of Coke yesterday!

Yogalates wasn't to bad. Admittedly, I literally couldn't contract my abs as much as I wanted to. But that's not something I really have control of right now.

Breakfast was another bagel and cream cheese, with a cup of sweet tea, yum!

Lunch was the remains of a Hawaiian pizza from the game yesterday.

Dinner is going to be mac & cheese & bacon with crescent rolls. There might be a Coke involved later tonight, but I honestly don't know.

Now I'm going to wait for Final Fantasy XI to finish updating, while stalking the NC boards on Neopets, trying to ignore the pain in my tummy.

Monday, March 25, 2013


My emotions are a a whirl this past week it seems. So many things are happening.

 My baby brother is being deployed overseas again. I miss him so much already, even though he's still stateside for the next month. He's several states away with his unit right now. So I can't even visit. I'd rather him be home in this state safe, and never see him, than him be gone. Is that crazy?

My best friend's mother seems to be releasing into her final rest. She's had a long hard fight with cancer on and off for several decades now, not to mention the struggle with her mental health. I'm really worried for my friend. She's never lost someone close. I'm there for her, I made sure to let her know. But there's more than just her mother to deal with. Their financial situation is shaky, and that's being generous.

My friend has been the breadwinner for almost 2 years now in her household. She's no stranger to hard work and accepts it with good grace. There's nothing too demeaning she won't do as long as it pays the bills. Now her father is demanding that she quit the job she's working at (30 minutes away) to work somewhere closer to home. (They live out in the boonies.) But that's not all, it has to pay at least what she's making now AND has to be paid once a week.

This is the first job she's had that's in a nice building, reasonable pay (more than she's ever made on a paycheck), air conditioned, and the prospect of moving up with the company. Her father's mental. I love him but he's mental. She hasn't worked for the past 2-3 weeks, luckily the company said they understand the family crisis, so that means no money is being made, and no bills will be paid. I worry for her. We can't help her financially, but if need be we'll take her in with us after all is said and done.

I think the final, and most silly straw, that broke the tear dam down, was that my baby sister make Hubby a cheesecake. Yummy and good, right? Yeah...catch is, she kinda blindsided us. "Hey I made you a cheesecake, when can you pick it up?" No notice or anything. Well, 6 hours notice the night before. Needless to say, yesterday Hubby didn't feel like traveling a 45 minutes just to pick up a cheesecake, on his day off. Baby sister's Hubby said she wasn't delivering it to us. So. Today Hubby was suppose to call her and at least say thank you. I reminded him. She make it for him. Well he didn't. He dosen't want to travel to pick it up tomorrow and now he dosen't want to even call her! Not even to say thank you for trying. Urgh!

I've messaged her telling her it's probably safe to just eat it.

Stupid thing, but it pissed me off. That she made it out of the blue. That Hubby won't go pick it up. That I can't pick it up. (we only have one car) That she might feel unappreciated. That I probably upset him by nagging.

It's just stupid. But combined with everything else...


Breakfast today was a onion bagel with cream cheese. I've been craving one for months.

Lunch was a piece of leftover fried chicken from yesterday and a roll.

Dinner is going to be some sort of leftover, maybe a slice of pizza. I don't know.

If I need a snack later, which I'm sure I will it'll be a yogurt.

Working out today was good. It's still tricky trying to keep the abdominal muscles contracted and breath and move, but it went well. I have a lot more days to keep improving. Hopefully eventually my little round tummy will flatten.

I did watch the entire fourth part of the workout. It seems pretty straight forward. I might be able to do it now, but would rather strengthened my wittle muscles before adding it. The last thing I need it to hurt myself while trying to help myself, right?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 2 of 28

I can't think of a better title, though, I can pretty much assure you that I'm not going to count down every day. It's just not my style.

So I woke up today with my ankle and knees aching. Not the normal ache from the cold, but I actually woke up in so much pain I wanted Tynol. That's a big deal. Usually if I take any meds in the morning it's cause I have to not cause I want to.

Breakfast today was a yummy bowl of Corn Chex with Rice Milk.

I can safely say that today's workout was more challenging than Wednesday's. Why? Well probably cause I was focusing more on the breathing technique instead of just the body movements. So I made myself work more. I'm kinda dreading being to the point where I can maintain my abs while breathing, moving, and squeezing my butt. Okay well; not being at that point, but getting to that point.

I also sweated more than Wednesday. Again probably because of the extra focusing and maybe cause my apartment is 1 degree warmer than it normally is. I can not wait to go take a shower.

Yeah, I'm sitting on my workout mat (a.k.a. the best beach towel ever), laptop pulled up to me on a footstool, typing all sweaty. Just cause. Well, not just cause. As I mentioned before the DVD does not go into a 5 minute rest break after each part and typing feels soothing at the moment.

Lunch is going to be leftover dinner from last night; some steak tips on white rice and probably a yogurt. Ohhh and maybe a apple! I did splurge an finished off the 5 Pringles Chips before working out.

I don't know why but I've been hungrier this past week than I've been in a while. Like I wake up wanting to eat. Which is a oddity, usually I'm good to wait several hours. Also I want dessert after dinner most nights. Not right after, but a hour or two after. Usually I don't have anything, cause I don't want to walk downstairs, sometimes I give in and have a small Hershey's Bliss bite or 3. (Milk chocolate & almond, mmm!) I've also been craving Coke like crazy. It's to the point where I've actually given thought to breaking one out and drinking it before Hubby gets home. On that front I've been good. Very good.

Dinner tonight is going to be Taco Bell! Yay! And probably a can of Coke to go with it. Probably. I love me some Crunch Wrap Supreme. It's full of healthy stuff, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Oh yeah, I'm not working out tomorrow (Saturday) to make up for Monday, cause I'm doing this routine differently than before. 28 sessions total, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Love ya!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 1 Yogalates

I think it's safe to say that I did not expect to react the way I did to today's workout.

The DVD is in 4 parts focusing in turn on Abdominals, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Total Body Toner. The first 3 are recommended to do for 28 days before adding the forth part, if you're a beginner. Which I sorta am.

Pros & Cons so far:


  • Each movement is explained with options to those who may have injuries.  (Me.)
  • The pace is slow and soothing.
  • There is a list given of the items needed. (all household items)


  • Just a personal one, and it's kinda dumb. But I wish there was more time between each part to meditate, without having to pause the DVD. Cause that act in itself breaks the meditation.

I personally have to take it down a notch and realize that there's no fast movement. It's a real change in pace, forcing the focus on each and every movement. With an emphasis on breathing.

After the first part I almost burst into tears, which I read, isn't uncommon with Yoga workouts. Not from pain or anything, but from the whole experience, it opened my senses and mind.

The second part pretty much flew by.

The third part, which focuses on the lower body, was much more difficult. By the end my legs were wobbly and knees shaky.

I did watch most of the forth part. It's a bit faster paced (not much) and much more advanced than I'm ready for quite yet. I am ready to take the initial 28 day challenge, so for the next 27 workouts it will be this routine. My plan is, after the 28 days, I then add in part four for 28 more days. It's not set in stone, and I hope not to get bored. If I get bored, then I'm gonna move onto another Belly Dancing workout for 4 weeks, and then back to this entire routine.

Okay. That's it for the beginning of this new workout.

I am happy to report that we had a phenomenal D&D game yesterday. I can not wait till our next one.

Breakfast this morning was 2 Eggos with butter and syrup.

I nommed 2 peeps as a small snack. I LOVE Peeps.

Lunch was a blackberry yogurt, slice of bread, and some corn chips with salsa. I love salsa too.

Dinner is going to be Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff.

Monday, March 18, 2013


So apparently working out today was delayed, because of 3 reasons.

1.Hubby had bloodwork scheduled for earlier today (2:30pm) which is soooooo early for us.

2. Hubby also had the day off today, our couch was pulled out into bed form, and he was on it recovering from the loss of blood + 2 days of being up at a early hour. (mostly the blood loss)

3. I'm recovering too and taking care of him.

So yeah. Wednesday is gonna be the first day of Yogalates.

Here's the link to Zuma Rio's videos on Youtube.

I'll be using her DVD, which I own.

I'm insanely proud of Hubby, he didn't passout, faint, or get woozy once! Which is a BIG DEAL for us when he has blood drawn. (Thank you Henry who did the BEST JOB EVAH!)

We celebrated with Quiznos for breakfast after. Yum yum broccoli soup bowl for me. Went to Target for my beloved Neocash card & Wreck-It Wralph DVD. Followed up by a quick jaunt to Hobby Lobby for some paint & brushes I "needed".

We've been happily playing Final Fantasy XI for several hours now. 

(Very old pic.)

Till Wednesday!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 4 Belly Dancing Wrap-Up

Today was the last day of the Belly Dancing workout.

It's gotten easier while still staying challenging enough that I can feel the stretches and movements in my body. I probably feel them much more than during the first week. Let's hope that's due to my body toning up.

There had been a definable change in the way I've been moving. More fluid, assured, and balanced. It's safe to say I like the change.

I do still have a tummy. It might be a little more tones, but in all honesty I have no idea. All I can tell is when I look down there's a little round tummy between my line of sight and toes.

Next week starts the Yoga & Palates DVD that I have. The hostess(?) calls the combination Yogalates. I've done it before and really enjoyed the experience. My baby brother ( who's in his 20's ) did the video with me several times while he was staying with us.

I was bad yesterday and had 2 Cokes.

Breakfast this morning was leftover mac & cheese & bacon.

Lunch is going to be a yogurt, grapes, and maybe a slice or two of bread.

Dinner is going to be a special treat! Some steak tips in marinade that I've dubbed Dragon Meat, leftover roasted potatoes, and Yorkshire Pudding (made with rice milk nor regular milk, as if that makes it any healthier, whole stick of butter, hello!).

This weekend will host a whole new series of trials. We're having a family dinner, out of town, which means getting in the car, which means panic attacks and anxiety turning my guts into liquid death. It's gonna be worth it though. My baby brother is shipping out for the second time to serve our country, just being able to see him before he leaves makes any anxiety and panic attacks worth it.

Here's to a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


There was no D&D game yesterday. Again. I was super upset about that, but I was more upset that for the past 4 days Hubby's had every other day off to rest, relax, in order to be able to run the game. Then on Monday night he overworked himself and the other manager didn't do a damn thing other than sit on his ass!


Yeah I am that pissed about it.

It didn't help that yesterday I had a mini-meltdown about Hubby's health. That it's been 2 months since he's had the first of his bloodwork done and he hasn't gone back to get it finished. He hasn't made an appointment to see the doctor for his severe pain. It's driving me crazy! And his excuse?

He can't go back to the doctor until he gets the bloodwork done, even though the bloodwork is for his shaky hands!

I thought I was gonna strangle him.

So I, being the emotionally worn out wife that I am, picked up the phone to call the Dr's. office, and got tangled in automatic transfer city. Then I had to poop. Like, omgnao! So I thrust the phone to him and told him in my you do it or you die voice (that I rarely ever use) to call and make an appointment.

Well long story short, he didn't make an appointment cause of the automatic answering service of annoyance. I couldn't blame him.We have to try again tomorrow. Which is gonna be Thursday, cause today is Wednesday, even though this all happened on Tuesday. And we still need to make an appointment for his bloodowork. ::facepalm::

After all the melting down ebbed, and the irate irritation lulled, my good old friend Guilt came in for a visit.

We spent the day nomming Publix fried chicken, rolls, and playing Final Fantasy XI.

It was a good day.

He relaxed and started feeling better by midnight. Not good mind you, just better.

I, tried not to let Guilt eat away at what the day could be, it didn't work all the way. I cried a few times, he comforted me. It's getting hard to be the emotionally happy person I am, trying extra hard to keep perky cause he hurts so much. Trying to do everything I can think of to help him.

Last night it all came full circle. He lay on my blow-up mattress, holding me. We chatted about FFXI, the doctor, the kitties, moving, my upcoming surgery, nothing, and everything. We spoke gently about our love and how we worry about each other. About how we get worked up because we care, and that we both know it.

We don't yell or fight or argue.

We both came from families that did that. It's not us. We're quiet.

Hubby says we disagree like Elves:

We'll get all worked up and voice it, neither side giving in, and then as suddenly as it started; we realize how dumb it is to be upset about whatever it is. Then it's over.

Our night ended with intimacy and pleasure.

I slept happily for the first time in 3 weeks.

I'm still worried about him, that's not going to change, but we're working on figuring out what's wrong. It might take time, but we're dedicated to it.


I worked out earlier than normal today, mainly because I wanted to work on my book.

Breakfast was a dark cherry yogurt and a mostly stale roll.

Lunch is going to be a ear of corn and a leftover rib from Sonny's on Sunday.

Dinner will be breaded chicken over white rice.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Monday

Week 4 of Belly Dancing, the last Monday. It went well. That's about all I have to say for it. I did pause 2 times to let my feet rest, cause I had to. It felt good, not as good as Saturday, but that's probably cause I'm preoccupied worrying about Hubby.

We actually only ate 1 proper 'meal' yesterday, from Sonny's BBQ. He went and picked it up, it was nummy. 1 can of Coke and a sweet tea. Yum!

Breakfast was another bowl of Corn Chex cereal in rice milk.

Lunch was leftover Taco Bell from Friday night. A chicken quesadilla and those cinnamon twists. I regret nothing.

Dinner will be Shake n'Bake pork chops with corn, and roasted potatoes.

Here's to a D&D game tomorrow and Hubby not hurting as much!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 3 Belly Dancing Wrap-Up

Week 3 of Belly Dancing is over, and a day late.

I'm a day late because I convinced Hubby to call out of work yesterday. He hadn't slept because of the pain. He needed sleep, he needed to feel better, and most of all he needed a break!

So I was a good wife, told him to call out, let him sleep in late, and then when he finally woke up, went out to get him food. Chinese food. From the mall. And a Coke from McD's. AND a small caramel frappe.

Yes, I am that amazing.

I may have picked up some food for myself, and a sweet tea, and a small vanilla shake. Maybe. I may have also had a tummy ache because of the shake. (Tummy no like milk.) And I may have only eaten a little bit of it over the course of the day. Didn't want anyone to think I was starving and going without, or anything. I may have also indulged in a Coke in the late evening too.

So. Yesterday.

I thought about working out while he was sleeping cause I woke up super early 3:30pm. But didn't. I thought about working out right before he woke up. But didn't. I also thought about working out while he was up. But didn't.


I'm not ready for him to see me doing any workout just yet. I work out au natural. No big deal here, remember I am a nudist at heart, nekkie is normal for us. But I'm still in the sweaty-jiggily stage with the occasional grunts during the dreaded hip-drops. Also I wanted to be lazy.

The entire day I felt like I needed to work out. Wanted to. Needed to!

I even talked it over with Hubby, but in the end, I lounged and took care of him. He is more important than one silly workout.

So I did it today. Saturday. It felt great!

Still sweaty, though not as much as it use to be.

Still jiggly, but I'm actually feeling the toning starting.

I also occasionally pant, but mostly it's grunting, to get through certain steps.

Th video dosen't feel like it takes forever anymore either and I love that!

Breakfast today was a bowl of Corn Chex in rice milk, which I really enjoyed.

Lunch is probably going to be some leftover sweet & our chicken with fried rice. (I asked for white rice!! Grrrr!)

Dinner is going to be a surprise. I haven't de-thawed anything and we haven't been shopping yet, so whatever. We go shopping tomorrow. Finally.

I admit, I've been indulging in a can of Coke more than I set out to these past 2 weeks. Mostly cause it's soooo easy to give into Hubby offering me one. He dosen't want to drink a soda without me, but he wants one with dinner most days. It's hard to deny him since he goes and works hard all day and I don't.

It's my vice. I am drinking a LOT less than I use to, which is good, but I want to do better, on a personal level.


I don't even know anymore.

Some meals equal Coke. Like with Pizza. Pizza and Coke. That's the meal.

I'll talk it over with Hubby again.

Next week's the start to week 4 of Belly Dancing!


Hubby did mention that it looked like I've lost some weight and my butt is more toned. YAY!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sickness & Pain

Well there was no D&D game yesterday. Hubby is still in severe pain and didn't feel up to running the game. I was disappointed, sad, and a bit upset. I massaged him the night before for-ev-er in hopes to help him feel better. Hell, I've been massaging him every night for the past week. Poor guy.

I know people are reading, okay maybe skimming, this blog. So if anyone has any hints or advice for severe body pain PLEASE leave a comment and help us out!

We've tried everything:

Medicines - over the counter and prescription. The prescription helps ease the pain, but dosen't take it away, and these past 2-3 months the over the counter stuff does nearly nothing. I don't like the idea of him on prescription meds at all.

All Natural - a pill made with mountain daisy, it worked the first time, but not at all since then.

Hot Baths - with Epson salt. Relaxing? That's probably about it.

Alcohol - not mixed with any meds! The thought is that he was too tense and needed to relax a bit, so a cup of wine before bed. It didn't do nuffin'.

Massage - I massage him every chance I get, especially when the pain is severe. It helps him be able to fall asleep, but no long-term help.

Muscle Rub - like Icy Hot & Ben Gay. It helps, for a couple hours, then nadda.

The problem is he has an amazing work ethic and is one of the very few people who do work at his job, so he overworks himself. No matter what I say or his boss says, he'll work to get the job done, done right, and picking up the slack of everyone else. (Cause they all suck.) I've told him time and time again to take it easy, cause even if he's being lazy (his idea of lazy) he still works more than almost anyone else in the building.

We're in the process of getting him blood tests and pain tests that might help tell us why he's in such severe pain, but any other opinions or ideas to deal with the pain would be appreciated!

In retrospect to the cancellation of the game, it was a brilliant idea. I got so sick. It's totally not funny. He got kinda sick too. I don't think it's the flu, but it's not healthy. A cold maybe? Ugh!

I'm sick today too. Yesterday I lived on DayQuil and was miserable. Today I took some Musinex, and am less so. Weather in Florida has been so crazy! A week of heat followed by a week of freezing. My sinuses don't know what's going on. I'm either too hot or too cold. It's stupid.

I did get special 'permission' to skip working out today from Hubby with the promise of 'making it up' tomorrow or Saturday.


I bit the bullet and did it today, a half hour later than I normally do, but I turned on PBS, watched a nature show, and had the workout playing on my laptop loud enough to hear and zoned. Working out while watching something else, zoning out to everything than the show and movement was an experiance.

It was surreal.

I liked it.

I liked the fact that I didn't miss a day more. Okay maybe not more.

Breakfast was the last of my Berry Berry Kix in rice milk.

Lunch is going to be a breakfast pizza. (Hey! We're almost out of food in the house.)

Dinner's going to be a rice skillet meal Hubby picked up the the freezer section last week. It looks light and nummy.

Tomorrow I'm probably gonna zone out completely. Watch Elementary. Do nothing and whatever happens happens. Ugh.

Here's to Friday being a day of feeling better, for both Hubby and me!

Monday, March 4, 2013

It's better...

...when your body isn't in severe cramp-age pain. It's so so much better!

I'm not saying that I didn't sweat, pant, and groan. I totally did, oh and jiggle! I still jiggle. What I am saying is that it's so much better than last week. I could feel movements happening. Bliss. Sweaty, stinky, jiggily bliss.

I kinda loved it.

Only kinda.

I admit I did pause the video 3 times. Once to get some tums, once to go potty, and once to rest my poor piddies! But it wasn't for long at all. I did do every movement and only grunted during the hip-drops, as usual. I hate those things.

Maybe next week it will be even easier. Then, of course, I'll switch it up and move onto a new set of stuff. Gotta keep it fresh in order to get those muscles toned, right?

Breakfast today was another bowl of Berry Berry Kix in rice milk. Yum!

Lunch is going to be leftover mashed potatoes, a piece of Yorkshire pudding, and some grated cheese on top of the 'taters.

I wish I knew what dinner is going to be, but I don't. We haven't been grocery shopping for almost 2 weeks now, so dinner's anyone's guess. =P

I hope Wednesday comes on the heels of an amazing D&D game with an even better workout than today was!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Belly Dancing Week 2 Wrap-Up

I don't know what happened between Wednesday and today, but it was so much harder to get through the workout. Wait...I didn't take any pain killers, cause my cramps are minimal. Go me. /sarcasm

I've been bad. Pretty bad. Had a Coke both Wednesday and Thursday night with dinner. Why? Well, Wednesday I was OMGCRAVING something and Coke seemed to fit the bill. Last night is cause Hubby brought me up one, when I suggested he treat himself to a Dr.Pepper (ick!), pointing out that I need a treat too. D'awwww! I gave in.


It tasted amazing. I regret nothing.

Also, also, also! I've been wanting chocolate covered raisins like a madwoman for WEEKS now.Hubby bought me 3 boxes of Raisinets last night. 98 cents per box at Wal-Mart.

I completely devoured an entire box before reading on the back 1 box contained 2 servings. Oops? It's a healthy chocolate/fruit, right? Well I admit I might eat another box tonight. Full intention of only having half the box. We'll see how that goes. I did promise Hubby that I wouldn't eat them till after dinner, even though I want them now. No I'm not hungry, just ate lunch, but I want the taste in my mouth. Is that weird?

Breakfast was a bowl of Berry Berry Kix cereal in rice milk.

Working out was rough. Had to pause the video 2 times to let my feet rest, but did all the evil hip drops and everything else.

I did lay on the floor and watch the last half of Kitchen Nightmares, upside down, legs spread, resting, and trying to calm my heart rate. Then a nice hot to cold shower, before trotting myself downstairs to look for food.

Lunch was a cracker, cheese, last of the baby carrots, pepperoni, and ranch dip plate. All outta fruit. I did try to eat a bit of a Oats 'n Honey granola bar that Hubby swore up and down was stale (even though it was sealed in it's package). Tried. Hubby was right. I'm sorry love. Stale and nasty.

No clue for dinner. We'll figure that out later.

Side note:

I've painted 2 watercolour paintings as presents for Hubby. We took them to get framed sometime last month and they arrived home today. I gotta say, even though I don't see myself as a good artist, they look pretty sweet all professionally framed behind glass. I keep looking over at them and smiling. =)