Friday, May 31, 2013

Reality Bites

When I dream, it's vivid, lifelike, and most of the time I could swear my dreams are actual memories.

Maybe when we dream our spirits travel elsewhere; and they are memories.

The people in my dreams have voices, defined bodies, and faces. They are not just some impression. The world around me is real. The smells and sounds and physical touch washes over my senses.

Then I wake up to the world and reality sets in.

It's not always bad, but today bites. I'm actually fine, physically, on antibiotics for my broken tooth, to help the infection go away. Today Hubby is having a horrid day, and there's absolutely nothing I can do to help him through it right now.

His job is understaffed, over crowded due to the new movies out, and he's working himself to the bone. He just called less than five minutes ago, and immediately he voice held the unspoken "I have to say something, but it's bad, and I don't know how to say it." He was open enough about the day being sucky at work, but there was something else.

"I don't know how we're going to pay rent tomorrow. I had to get a new battery for the car, and now I don't know if there's enough in our account...we might have to cash in your Bonds."

His voice was laden with sorrow and regret. I've talked about cashing them in before, years ago, when we were going through a hard time, and selling my jewelry, if need be. Always he's fought it tooth and nail. Determined that it would never come to that.

My heart swelled with love and compassion. My poor love, my poor poor sweetheart. I calmly reassured him that is wasn't a big deal, really it's not. Whatever it takes, we can even use whatever is leftover to help us move. He seemed a little soothed at my reassurances, but I know it's bothering him. My Bonds aren't much, hardly a trifling, given to me by my Godfather when I was a baby, and doing nothing for 3 decades. If they are enough to help us pay rent, then so be it.

Reality does bite though.

On a lighter note I do have another sculpture to share with all of you.

This is the Peacock Dragon Amalliah.

The first challenge given to my by Hubby. He wanted me to do a feathered Dragon and this is the result of me trying to impress him. She is made of Sculpey with an aluminum foil skeleton and aluminum foil base for the wings and tail. She's holding a stone from my hot stone massage thingie, that I don't use, because dark stones heat up to much for Hubby's and my skin.

She will be painted after the move with acrylic paints and then given a glossy finish.


Breakfast today & Lunch is the remaining half of a roast beef sub from Tuesday. I'm picking at it on and off. As well as a piece of red velvet cake from my best friend's birthday cake. I admit I had a Coke for breakfast too.

Dinner will be pasta, with sauce, and maybe garlic bread. (If I remember to heat up the oven.)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I've been asked a few times this week about how things are going. Which made me realize that I haven't really updated anyone about things that have happened. Bad me, bad.

  • I've lost a total of 10 pounds since January. It's freaking crazy. I don't see a difference or feel a difference. My cloths aren't looser or anything. I feel awful that I haven't worked out for...going on week 3 now. There's just no room. Hubby and I are trying to get everything moved downstairs that we can.
  • Squee seems to have pooped. He's in a LOT less stress, he's happy, and there's Squee size turds in the litter box. We're still keeping him (and Ebony) on wet food every couple days.
  •  Hubby's recovering from the stupidly huge "Summer Blockbuster" movie, thankfully there's no more huge movies coming out. Now all he has to do is deal with the normal idiocy.
  • I went to the dentist today to get examined and put on antibiotics, gonna get my tooth pulled next Tuesday. They were going to do it today, but I wasn't ready, and I explained that I have anxiety issues. Thankfully they were understanding
Is that everything? I honestly don't know. If anyone is wondering about stuff (yes I see you peoples reading this  ^-^) just shoot me a comment.

We did play D&D yesterday. It was great! LOVED it. While playing to distract me from the pain in my mouth I worked on another Dragon. Crazy creature being made right now. It's about 1/3rd done, so no photo shoot for him yet.

I really hope that I'll be able to play next week after getting my tooth yanked. Probably not, but I'm set to try.

I do have LOTS more packing left. Considering I haven't done much for the past 4 days, I guess it's time to pick up where I left off.

Here's a couple of pictures of a Dragon that was made 2 weeks ago, while just fooling around one evening waiting for Hubby to come home.

He has no name or anything like that, but he is cute! I'll eventually paint him, probably after the move, right now he's sitting next to a much more lavish, bigger Dragon that I'll share next week. He's made with Sculpey and has an aluminum foil skeleton. Very lightweight but sturdy. No clue what I'm going to do with him. Maybe if I actually develop some skill I'll be able to sell these guys. Who knows.


Breakfast was a Whopper Jr., some fries, and fruit punch. I did have a Ginger Ale after waking up from a nap earlier.

Lunch will be half of a roast beef & pickle sub that Hubby got me yesterday but I was too sore to eat. Nothing except a huge cup of water, I just wasn't hungry enough to eat anything.

Dinner will probably be hamburgers and maybe a couple of chips on top. Hamburger Helper Tomato Basil Penne and a well sliced up apple for me to munch while cooking and a spoonful of caramel-butterscotch for the apples, just cause.

Gotta drink water, gotta drink water, gotta drink water.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Today's not a day to hear me bellyache or complain or babble about anything.

Today is a day of remembrance.

To all those that served and are currently serving our country, thank you.

Freedom isn't free, even a flower-hugging, peace loving, semi-hippie like me knows that.

Thank you.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Some thoughts...

It's been 2 weeks now and I haven't worked out.

I have a few thoughts on the subject.

First of all, I can honestly say that I miss it. I feel like something is missing from my day. I enjoy being lazy, I do, but the missing part of the day leaves me wanting. I am seriously going to try and clear out space to start working out again next week.

I have been falling back into the Coke routine. A can in the morning. Only for the past week though. Some craving is driving that decision. Looking around at my empty can graveyard that compiled this week makes me sad. Thankfully it's only been 1 can of Coke all day. But it's still too much, in my brain. Coke is for Hubby's days off and the occasional pizza night.

There's a "new" Yoga bastardized routine that I'm going to try. (And probably die trying.) New as in new to me. It's a Jillian Michales workout. I'm totally not into that lady. I personally just don't feel a good vibe from watching her on T.V. Not that she as bad woman, I don't know her personally, but she's not someone I'd want to have coaching me. Several blogs I stalk have mentioned her Yoga workout and love it.

I went over to youtube and watched it.

Freaking killer.

I also kinda liked it.

Liked it enough to bookmark it and plan on trying it out. Though I'm sure about a quarter of the way through I'll end up passed out in a pool of my own sweat. Also Jillian seems a little less intense than she is with all the other stuff I've seen her in. Just a smig.

So yeah.

Here's some pictures, a bit fuzzy, of Suri. She's one of my Dragons. All sculpted and baked. There's some fine detail work to do with her and she needs to be painted, of course. She was made weeks ago.


Breakfast was, embarrassingly, a can of Coke, 8 Tostitos corn chips and some creamy spinach dip.

Lunch will be a can of French cut green beans and water.

Dinner will be pasta & tomato sauce, with water. Unless Hubby picks up something else.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Sunday

Okay, today I'm much calmer and centered. Let's talk about this past Sunday. Well I'll talk you read. =P

Hubby had the day off, as usual (yay!) he slept in till 6. Well we both did, but after we woke up we were playing video games. He had picked up Chinese food for us. Typical lounging Sunday. Then one of us (probably me) suggested we go watch Star Trek: Into Darkness. I knew he wanted to see it and I wanted to see it. A couple of phone calls later and he got the time for the last show. I was starting to panic.

Stupid, stupid panic.

There was a huge note to make though.

It was nothing compared how I normally felt.

The meds really made a difference.

Even the car ride was easier to handle.

Still panicy but totally not as bad. Hubby even mentioned it.


He even drove me around the apartment complex after the movie to show me what they added. I could never have handled that before.


Then, later that evening Hubby decided that we'd have 6 weeks left to pack. We'd stay through the end of next month. Which is amazing. More time to pack, less stress, and being able to move after the huge summer "blockbuster" movies are done.

Double yay!

Well that was Sunday. Monday I already wrote about, and Tuesday (yesterday) we didn't play D&D cause one of our players wasn't feeling well and her car had broke. So we lounged. It was nice. A very quiet day, we both wanted to play D&D pretty badly but made the best of it. I was a lovely day.

 I did have 3.5 cans of soda yesterday. 2 Coke and 1.5 Ginger Ale. Bad of me, I know.


Breakfast today is leftover sweet & sour chicken with white rice...and...a can of Coke.

Lunch is probably going to be the remainder white rice I didn't finish in my bowl. With water.

Dinner is going to be Mack & Cheese & Bacon. I am going to have water then too. 

I don't know what's with the Coke craving this past week, probably cause my period is going to start. I'm also still craving green beans. Gonna make Hubby pick up a few cans of those, like 10, when he runs to the store this week. A can of green beans for lunch is totally filling.

I didn't sleep at all last night, probably won't pack, and if I do it won't be much, today. I foresee some Dragon making going on later. So sleepy. Here's to hopes of a nap!

Monday, May 20, 2013


I thought to write today solely about what happened yesterday, but the Gods of Fate apparently have other ideas. So let's start with today. Less than 20 minutes ago actually.

I sent Hubby off to work, took up a dry bowl of cereal and the leftover smoothie from yesterday, upstairs, reset my internet connection, (Thanks huge thunderstorm.) and sat down to munch on my cereal.

I munched, happily, and then I crunched. Odd, shredded wheat dosen't usually crunch like that. But whatever I swallowed the crunchy part without chewing it up.

And then I felt it.

Something was wrong.

Oh dear Gods.

I swallowed it! Oh holy shit!

Carefully I swallowed the remainder of shredded wheat down then probed with my tongue. Yup, jagged edges and huge gap.

Oh holy shit!

Why the fuck does this have to happen now?!?!

My tooth, the one that had a crack in it, totally broke off.

What's worse is that it's a front-ish tooth. You know, one of those that show when you smile.

I don't even know how to tell Hubby.

I don't even.

That's the last thing we can afford to do. The absolute last thing.

Thankfully it dosen't hurt. It feels weird but not hurting. Okay I lied, it's a bit sore. I'm probing it gently with my tongue. No blaring pain yet.

I'll talk about yesterday, on another day.

Right now I'm a little shaken, and teetering between being pissed and crying.

Breakfast was a bowl of dry Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats and leftover pina colotta smoothie.

Lunch is going to be something soft. Maybe Ramen. Or leftover Chinese food depending on how I feel

Dinner is probably going to be Mac & Cheese & Bacon. Soft food.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Poopin' & Packin'

I wish I had some new exciting news or at least an interesting rant.

Truth is, I don't.

I'm still packing. I broke into our last sanctuary and started packing up my books. Today I'm going into the closet (which is a storage area and costume closet no normal cloths in there) to see what boxes I have for our more delicate breakables. We usually keep them around. I'm also going to pull out our luggage and start packing our hard back books up. You know, the ones that weigh a milliondy pounds when put in boxes? Yeah, those. Our luggage has wheels, so, tada! Wheelin' for less luggin'. Or back breaking, I hope.

Squee still hasn't seemed to have pooped. He seems in less distress, but he's going in and out of the litter box a gazillion times a day with no success. I am so close to force feeding him a stool softener pill. Hubby and I are going to Pet Smart to see if they sell anything that might help him out.

Squee is currently lying on my lap, freshly brushed, and purring.

He refuses to eat the veggie oil soaked food. Annoying.

I feel kinda sick today, pretty sure it's cause my period will start soon. Yuck.

Breakfast was half a bowl of Strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats, no milk, a can of Ginger Ale (for my upset tummy) and a couple of Pringle chips, cause I was craving something salty.

Lunch will be the other half of the bowl of cereal and an apple with water.

Dinner will probably be some pasta and sauce.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Packing

Packing, packing, and more packing.

It's surprising how hard it is to pack away everything into boxes. Trying to sort all of our little knick-nacks into groups. Most of them are very fragile and breakables. Forget newspaper. I've been using cloths that I'm keeping from my closet.

You know all that stuff that just seems to pile up on tables or in drawers. The stuff that's you don't throw away, it's not junk, but it dosen't have a home? Yeah. We seem to have lots of that stuff. I have been tossing the little things into the garbage that no one would buy.

We have 2 donation boxes set up. One upstairs and one downstairs. In it goes nice things we don't use or really want. Like a rice cooker. Brand new used once, never again. Some decorative utensils that Hubby's parents brought back from Africa that have never seen the light of day in our place. Like-new clothing that I'm way to big for. (How the hell was I ever a size 1?) I'll never get that small again, heck 1 boob can barely fit into some of the shirts. So yeah stuff like that all going to be donated to Good Will.

Some of the walls are nekkie and feel so sad. I've packed most of the smaller pictures away. Next to go will be our mid-sides pictures and wall hangings, then our 10ish large (movie poster sized) pictures.

Our apartment home is slowly turning into a barren space.

I can hardy conceive of packing our bedroom. It the last sanctuary. It's heartbreaking.

But one thing at a time, right?

So today it's more packing of our game room and the pictures off the wall on the stairwell.


Yesterday we did play D&D it was nice to sit back, relax, enjoy the company of our friends, and forget about the real world and it's stresses. An amazing game session. My poor character is having a hell of a time and one of the worst days in her life. Even an apology she made to her Guardian resulted in her being told off. Poor Elf girl just can't win it seems. But She tries.


Breakfast was an apple, a couple bites of leftover fried chicken (there wasn't any meat on the stupid wing) and a mouthful of Raisenets.

Lunch will probably be a bagel.

Dinner is going to be either spaghetti and pasta sauce or garlic butter.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Are you frickin' serious?

It just dosen't end, does it?

My kitty babies are getting old. I know Ebony is old, but Squee? Apparently he's old too. He's always been ageless to us. We learned that yesterday. We should have seen it coming. Poor Squee is constipated, he's probably been for 2 weeks(ish) now, but yesterday it was apparent something was wrong.

I like to think of myself as a pretty good kitty momma. I make sure my babies are fed, brushed, happy, played with, given individual loves, and treats. I watch to see how they feel. I can tell when someone is feeling off and make sure to give them space to rest. I've preformed many kitty peroxide attacks when someone has a boo-boo to clean it out, and I've also given them the kitty pink-cone treatment is someone needs it.

But yesterday Squee just wasn't acting right.

He kept trying to sit down but would freeze literally a inch off the floor. His tail was up and it would start to quiver, like before we got him fixed and he sprayed. At first I thought he was pee'ing but a quick check showed nothing. Then when he went to lay down he would start "digging" with his back paws on the carpet. Back paws only. He never did this before.

I watched his repeat the process for the next three hours while waiting for Hubby to wake up, growing worried. He was in mild distress. His eyes were clear, bright, his nose was moist. But he was having a problem sitting. As soon as Hubby woke up I told his what I've noticed. He was immediately concerned. Squee is his baby.

Squee is the only cat who cost us $500 way back when, to get fixed and stay overnight in the vet's with a little IV in his paw. Hubby fretted the entire time. Hubby was also happy to pay so much for his baby to get the best of care.

We checked Squee out, thinking he had a problem with his leg. He squeaked a lot (super cute) but let us look. I didn't find anything. There was nothing swollen, his claws all extended, I didn't feel any bite marks. We let him go and I tried to give his a treat which he refused completely. Totally not like him. I even put the treat to his nose and he refused to acknowledge it.

About a half hour later I found him on the bathroom floor his back legs wet with something. It didn't smell like urine so I ran my finders along a length and they came back slightly discoloured and smelled funny. Not nasty, not like blood, but odd. Yelling for Hubby to some upstairs I showed him. There wasn't any liquid on the floor or anything, he was cleaning a leg with crazy intensity, but didn't shy away from our prodding hands, or even seem to care.

Still thinking it was his legs we decided to let him be after I gently washed his fur off and watch him. He limped a but when he walked but the limp seemed to be changing from side to side through the next several hours. Watching his freeze in a squatting position hours later and his tail vibrating a thought struck me.

I felt like how he looks when the first time I pooped after my hospital stay.

I was completely backed up, thanks to modern medicine, it took hours, literally pain-filled hours to have a bowl movement.

"Hey sweetie I think Squee is constipated."

He nodded. Once again we said we'd watch him. I got him to eat a small handful of kitty food. He drank water.Hubby reported a hour earlier that Squee indeed wasn't poopin' He went in and out of the litter box 3 times and did nothing. We've both noticed him doing that on and off for the past week and a half. So I went online and did a search for home fixes.

We're gonna try and help lubricate his insides with wet food, mixed with some canned pumpkin, and some veggie oil mixed onto his dry food.

It's not uncommon for older cats to become constipated, and from what I read he's not in the danger zone yet. But he did give us a HUGE worry on top of all of our stress.

Today he seems a bit more relaxed. He's currently snuggling on my hip as I type. He got brushed out today. He did have a little bit of wet food that was reserved for Ebony this morning. I also watched him drink water several times so far.

Our babies being sick is the last thing either of us needs. Hopefully he'll be better in a day or so.

Squee, our gigantic baby.
(Again, don't be fooled by my weight in this picture it's over 5 years old.)


I'm not going to exercise again this week. Not for lack of wanting to. There's literally no room with all the boxes around. I also think I'm moving enough while packing. At the end of the day my back hurts and my feet are pretty painfully numb. There's so much to do. I'm pacing myself. Hubby promised to try and run the D&D game tomorrow.

Breakfast was a bowl of Honeycomb cereal with rice milk.

Lunch is gonna be leftover pot roast tips and mashed potatoes.

Dinner is yet another mystery. We haven't decided.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Momma's out there, with us and with us in spirit. 

You helped mold us into the people we are today.

My Momma moved up north to the top of a frozen mountain. (Or close enough to it.) 

Hope she's staying warm!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Here I was hoping this week would be relaxing and recouping.

Boy was I wrong.

It's been nothing like what I'd hoped for.

Hubby is SUPER stressed. I mean super duper stressed about moving. Not just moving, having to move. Like we have no other options and he's being forced into the move.

Nevermind that we've been planning on moving for over a year now. First, the plan was to buy a house me Uncle sold that belonged to my Grandma (don't even get me started on that). But the seller's stopped working with the bank, and now the house is abandoned. Then we were (and still are) going to move into Daddy's place.

Apparently it's different  when we choose to do it, instead of being forced into doing it.

Hubby kinda went into pissed off, over whelmed, angry mode last night.

It wasn't fun, not in the slightest.

I went from reassuring him, to bending and telling him however he wants to move things is fine.

Want to rent a storage space? Fine, we'll do that.

Want to move things over there a few boxes a day? No worries we can do that.

We move down with just our bed, computers, books, and D&D stuff? Sure thing sweetie, it'll be easier.

In a couple of months when we can afford to rent a moving van we'll get the stuff out of storage and move it down there? Of course, no sense rushing things.

He's going to look into rental rates for a storage unit. I still think it'll be easier to rent a van and maybe use friend's vehicals, but whatever helps put him at ease.

I could tell he was biting his words from blaming me. If only you had a job we wouldn't be moving, we wouldn't have to do this! Why don't you do something with your life? He never said the words, but they were there.

He's also soooooo against packing. So I assured him that I would do all the packing, no use for him working all day only to come home and work more. No use for him giving up his only two days off to pack and work. So I'm going to do it all.


Here I sit, in our game room, surrounded by books and more notebooks, and heavy stuff. I have no idea where to start. I admit I'm overwhelmed, about ready to cry. Packing downstairs was so much easier. 4 weeks left and I don't know where to start.

Totally overwhelmed.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bit of a Break

I've slept a bit the past couple nights. It was nice, but I didn't really fall into a deep sleep and I'm still having a hard time getting up in the morning. Today, Hubby let me sleep while he left for work. I woke up at 7p.m.

What the hell body?!?

I could have slept till 9 probably, if I didn't have to pee.

I'm not going to work out for the rest of the week, but instead try to rest, pack, and get back on track sleep-wise.

Do I feel bad for not working out? Yes. Very bad, but I'm tired internally and I can feel that I need rest.

It's funny how stress affects us over a period of time.

We didn't play D&D yesterday, much to my disappointment. Hubby has a migraine that lasted all the live long day. Poor man. I'm not going to lie, it was rough.

Burger King's amazing Pina Colotta smoothies are gone. Much to both of our distress. So after 2 days of me talking about it, Hubby bought mixins for our own homemade Pina Colottas, including a bag of ice, cause we don't make ice in our house.

The first one was okay, we made 1 HUGE cup to share. Then we made another. It was OMG so good! So much better than the first and just as good as Burger Kings.

I did learn that only 1 Pina Colotta a day. Tummy no likie more than that.

Breakfast will be (yes it's 6:30p.m. and I still haven't eaten) the remaining less than half of my Publix sub from yesterday.

Lunch will be a apple.

Dinner is a mystery. I have no freaking clue.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Of Dragons & Sleep

Change is happening in my household. Change isn't well accepted here, especially by Hubby. We have a nitch, we're comfortable, and happy. We're also dead broke. It's too the point whee we can't pay rent after next month.

Opportunity presented itself to us a few months ago. Daddy asked if we'd like to move into his place cause he's moving up north to be with his fiance and my Baby Brother is deployed overseas. The property need to be taken care of.

It's a opportunity to get back on our feet, in theory, save, and pay off our bills.

Half of my household has been packed for several months now. Waiting in a huge pile downstairs. The stuff we don't use every day. The stuff I "need" for a hour or so. You know, that kind of stuff. Th other half of our household is unpacked, being use, offering the comfort of making our place a home.

That's all going to go away.

Hubby is stressing.

"How are we going to pack everything? How are we going to get it down there? We can't afford a moving van or a storage shed! Where is everything going to go? I don't know if I can drive a hour each way."

It goes on and on.

It's not helpful that the summer movies started. His job is understaffed and overcrowded.

His stress is making me stress. I'm worried about him. I try to stay positive, especially when he's home. Positive, comforting, nurturing, empathetic.

We're not sleeping. Not for more than a hour here or there. Not well or deeply.

It's been 4 or 5 days now.

I'm not going to workout today. The couch is folded out and I'm too exhausted. Plain and simple.

When I'm overtired, lately, I've been sculpting.

I can't seem to sculpt at all when I've had rest. but sleep deprived? I'm apparently a frickin genius.

Amourian, the Dragon I shared pictures of before still needs his wings crafted and body details.

I've made his mate Suri. She's been a bit of a trial, but she's been sculpted and baked. There's fine detailing that needs to happen, some smoothing and carving.

I have some pictures, but can't figure out how to view them on my computer just yet, and the cord that attaches the camera to the PC is MIA.

The past 2 days while Suri was setting and then baking, I've been making paintbrushes from Neopets. There's a total of 62 - 64ish. The plan is that I'm going to make all of them and turn 'm into magnets. 8 sculpted so far.

I'm also envisioning a Ki-Rin.

Then a Dragon from our D&D game. Grax. Then a Baby Pheonix Dragon. A Gold Dragon. Then Ishtar.

This keeps up Hubby is going to come home to an entire Dragon Hoard.

I need sleep.


Breakfast today was a bowl of  leftover pasts shells, sauce and cheese.

Lunch will be a bagel.

Dinner will be breaded chicken over white rice.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Not Enough Water

Yesterday and today I've been pretty bad about drinking water. We have Sprite in the house. Mainly so hubby can have something bubbly with dinner that's not caffeinated. Which means he gets me a can too. I can usually set it aside while eating and gulp my water cup down and he dosen't even notice.


Two cans of Sprite have been sitting unopened up here for a few days now, and I forgot to bring the water pitcher up, yes actually forgot, for the past two days. AND I've been too lazy to go downstairs just to get water so I popped opened a can yesterday and a can today to drink with breakfast.

Working out today I could tell I haven't had enough water. No bueno. Ugh!

I suppose this means I'm going to get the pitcher of water and drink it for the rest of the night.

Breakfast was an apple and a tea cup of Corn Chex. Yes I like to eat out of cups. I'm probably 5.

Lunch will be some garlic butter crackers, cheese, beef jerky, and another apple.

I'm trying to have dinner be pasts shells, sauce, and cheese. Hubby is fighting me on that, but maybe he'll agree later tonight, you know, when he's too tired to care, cause he work is hellish this weekend.

Yay Iron Man III. Not. Seriously it seems like the entire world waits for the weekend, but we dread it. Weekends suck. Seriously who the hell goes to the movies with a bad attitude? WTF people? Oh the stories I could tell. It would mortify you.


Remember when you are a asshat to someone at some business you probably just made their day suck. ESPECIALLY when it's a busy place. That poor person is probably already overworked, understaffed, not being given a chance to take a break, dealing with the busy chaos, AND THEN you yell/cuss/threaten them. Yeah.

How'd you like someone to do that to you?

Most likely if you were that employee you couldn't do anything back, cause then you'd loose your job.

Meh I need a drink of water.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back into the Swing of Things.

Okay, now that Hubby has taken alllll his vacation days, I finally feel like I can refocus and get back into the swing of things.

Not that I don't love spending every day with Hubby. I do, and I would do it every day if I could, but like I mentioned before, I don't get much done with him around. Which explains the lack of everything Monday. We did make a turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashes potatoes, and squash (yuck). We did clean out the fridge, and I did totally strip the bird down to the bones with my bare hands (roar), I didn't work out.

We had an ah-mazing D&D session yesterday.

I did work out today, even though I have a wicked nasty gash from Ivory down one knee. It was nice, and it felt right. I am a bit stinky, but that just helps me look forward to a shower in a few.

Breakfast was a apple.

I slept in till 6 cause I didn't sleep well last night.

Lunch will be some butter crackers, beef jerky, another apple, and some cheese.

Dinner is going to be more leftover turkey dinner.

And Oh. My. God. Can I just give a shoutout to the strawberries and creme McD's pie?

 photo mcdonalds_strawberry_and_creme_pie_zpsc97435ba.jpg

Holy shit this thing is the bomb!

Don't think I'd like it hot, I don't normally, like hot pies. It's like a little cheescake with piecrust! YES!