Saturday, February 21, 2015

I'm blaming Blogger!

Okay so I have poofed for a year. I'm blaming Blogger for this, not wanting to work.

So much has happened! Elvenspun has gained over 1,800 followers! I had my first foot surgery (right foot). My baby brother came home safely from overseas. My oldest brother is getting married. My middle brother and his wife and child are being stationed stateside, in Texas. My Daddy is getting married!


So many things, where to begin?

First off, thank you, all of you. Family, friends, fans, supporters. EVERYONE! Elvenspun could not and would not be where it is today without each and every person who has interacted with me. I know that. I love you all!

 I have met and made friends with so many amazing people. Fans, who turned friend. Artists who have turned into friends. New peoples who have turned into fans. It's almost too much! I know EVERYONE says it; but tell me a year ago that I'd be where I am now, and I'd roll my eyes at you. It really is a thing!

I'm going to post my entire foot surgery from start to finish in a later post. Heads up, while not bloody some of the pictures may make you queezy. So look out for that post.

I have joined the Jewelry In Candles team as a seller! This is to try and make a little money. I loooove the candles and tarts and had the opportunity to sign up for $1 so I took it! My first party will start on Thursday the 26th of February. It's an online AND in-person party. I'm super nervous. Anxiety is not my friend here, but I do have a pill to take that day to keep me calm. Remember, jewelry comes in BOTH Tarts AND Candles, not just the candles. If any of you reading wants to purchase through my Store, please send me a message here or via Facebook and I'll get you a 10% off coupon.

I have 2 weddings to go to this year! Crazy. One is in Florida and the other is up in Minnesota.The Florida one is for my brother and his Fiance. It's next month. I ordered a dress from Wish (anyone ever order from them?) and I HOPE it gets here in time!

The Minnesota wedding is gonna be COLD in October or November. I keep trying to tell Hubby that we go up for 3 days for the wedding them fly over to Massachusetts for a week or so to visit his family and EAT GOOD FOOD. He keeps laughing at me. I may or may not be making the dress for this wedding. We'll see.

Hmmm...let's see...Oh yes!

My Middle brother, his wife and their ADORABLE little girl are being stationed Stateside in Texas for a few years!! YAY! They've been in Korea, Germany, and then back in Korea longer that I want to admit. They are close, a 3 day drive away, and even though I won't be able to drive to visit them, knowing that they made it safely and are now settled in makes me so happy!

I'm gonna leave it here. I gots clay work to do tonight and still have to eat breakfast!

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