Friday, September 27, 2013


I got a request for a miniature sculpture commission last week. Uber excited! Spent part of Tuesday (during the game) roughing out the body. Got Seimi's opinion of it and fattened the little guy up and let it be. Till Wednesday. I got my little laptop over to the living room (which no longer houses our computers) pulled up a picture of the guy and detailed out his eyes, hair, eyebrows, and tail. Pretty easy.

THEN I spent 2 days waiting for my client to update her email (I had an old one) and give the go-ahead to cook the little creature. Thankfully she loved him and I fired him up.

Today I worked out the shirt it wears and the name that goes on it and sent her some more progress shots. She gave me the last of the colouring detail a few minutes ago, and even though I REALLY WANT to finish painting him tonight I'll start fresh after Hubby leaves for work.

No pictures. The commission is a surprise for her sister, and even though I highly doubt that there's a snowflake's chance in hell that she's even be able to find this blog, I'm taking no chances.

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