Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Miss...housework? ...waaaa?

I'm thrilled to say we played D&D yesterday. It was even better than our mini-session 2 weeks ago!

I'm still hurt, unable to walk around properly. It's beyond annoying. I actually had a mini-tantrum a couple nights ago, determined to walk without the help of my makeshift cane, a.k.a. the swiffer. Hubby did raise his voice  bit to me and chastised me. Can't say I blame him, he was in severe pain too and I probably was the last straw. He didn't yell though, gotta admit that, or curse at me. Just chastised me on being irrisponcable, and how was I to heal, if I didn't let myself?

Well good question.

I feel beyond fucking worthless lately. I can't even do the measly household chores. No sweeping, no mopping, no vacuuming, no laundry, no dishes. Though I did convince him to put a stool next to the sink and I could sit my-regaining-weight-ass on it and wash dishes, but I can't put 'em away. The only thing I don't miss is doing the kitty litter. Not that I ever minded doing it, but I don't miss not doing it.

It's amazing how messy the place gets (and dusty!!) without me doing anything. It's also amazing how pissed off I am that is is messy. Hubby does dishes, and kitty litter, and laundry, but hardly sweeps or vacuums, not that I blame him, he's already working 8 hours a day and driving 2 hours on top of that, AND he's been making, serving, and cleaning up after dinner.

I miss helping out. I miss cleaning. I miss being able to fucking move around the house!

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