Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 1

Well it's Monday, and I started.

Breakfast was peach yogurt some grapes and a cup of water. Not too bad. A little afraid I'll be really hungry later, but whatever.

Today's workout scared me.

It only lasted for 25 minutes, but I thought my heart was gonna burst.

There wasn't any room for belly dancing right now (furniture will be moved tonight) so instead I decided to do some basic dance warm ups.

Some simple leg lifts (front, back, side) parallel position, 25 each both left and right legs.

By this time my heart started pounding so I cut down to 10 demi and grande plies in hopes of, you know, not collapsing. Followed by 15 arm windmills, forwards and backwards.

20 majorly embarrassing tummy crunches.

15 various leg stretches on my back.

Some modern movement and stretches curled up in a sitting position on my butt.

Finished with 20 back-ups.

THEN I collapsed on the floor gasping for breath like a dying fish.

Once I was sure I could get up without falling I turned down the AC and carefully sipped water.

Hubby called 15 minutes later, I broke down and sniffled over the phone, while he offered encouragement being obviously tired from work already.

A couple things; I am obviously out of shape (duh). My right knee got really wobbly which is concerning. I gotta work on my endurance, which might mean 4 weeks of dance warm-ups before diving into the actual belly dancing. But I got to do this.

It's only 8:10pm as I'm finishing up this entry, lunch isn't for another hour. I'm not hungry right now, but a lot can change in a hour. I'm planning on some crackers, cheese, and beef jerky if I get really hungry, if not probably gonna snack on some more grapes. Lets plan on the cheese and crackers, eh?

Dinner will either be breaded chicken over white rice OR butter chicken with garlic noodles, whatever Hubby chooses, I'll make.

Here's to Day 1 and looking towards Wednesday!

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