Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Again

Week 2

Sounds official, right? Week 2.

Whatever. =P

Last week was hectic, Hubby all sore and unable to drive, me having to leave the house being stressed. I already foresee this week being chock full of trials. First off my period started, which in and of itself wouldn't be a big deal if I was a normal woman, but apparently my body does not appreciate not being pregnant and hasn't since I was 13, therefor it decides to kick my uterus' ass. Every. Freaking. Month. Some months are worse than others. Last month wasn't so bad, I had pretty good control over my emotions without help of some Evening Primrose Oil pills, I wasn't doubled over in the bed wishing for death wondering how much more pain I'd be in if I didn't use Midol Extended Relief pills (the little blue ones you can only take 1 of every 8 hours) in a dark room, head pounding. Yeah it's not fun.

Today hurts, but I was good took a pill, and even worked out!

Tomorrow might be worse, but I'll deal with that then.

Yogurt cup for breakfast, strawberry this time.

I cheated a little and had a fun sized peanut M&M's just before lunch. The chocolate craving hit hard.

Lunch was at 9p.m. more cheese & crackers & beef jerky alongside some red grapes. I have a bunch left sitting next to me in anticipation of snacking later. Water is the drink of the day.

Today was only a 20 minute workout I took it slow and steady instead of trying to rush through. Not that I have much of a choice

10 reps of various dance stretches and movements. 20 very sad sit-ups.

My heart didn't start pounding until the very end, and I think that's because I held my breath. It's a stupid thing I subconsciously do. I use to do it while dancing a lot and then wonder why I was dizzy. Go figure. =P

Perhaps all the stress and walking last week did some good.

I did mess up my left foot with all the walking, but it will heal.

Tomorrow is D&D day (with any luck) it's also the day Hubby gets the stitches out of his jaw. No clue what's on the menue tonight or tomorrow, so we'll see on Wednesday!


I did have 2 cans of Coke yesterday, but that's Hubby's fault, he insisted. It was a bad day so I gave into the goodness Coke is.

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