Friday, January 25, 2013

Maybe I should have started next week.

These past few days have been pretty hectic, physical, mentally trying, but I'm still up for whatever trials today brings.


I did not get to see my family or go home. Stayed with Hubby all day. Did SO MUCH walking! Ate a breakfast of a yogurt cup. Lunch was 6 Tyson chicken tenders with honey mustard (from the concession stand) and a can of coke. (yeah yeah I know, I had a coke on a non-coke day) Several sips of water from the water fountain throughout the day. Followed up by Dragon Meat over Puddies. (Marinated meat with whipped potatoes.) I drank gatoraid with dinner. Not so bad not really unhealthy, so much freaking walking!


Completely footsore. My thighs feel better but now my feet fucking hurt so much!

Breakfast was another yogurt cup.

I met up with my family at the theater after they watched a movie, and went out to dinner with them (lunch for me). Steak n'Shake. I was beyond thrilled when my little sister ordered the Wisconson burger, thrilled that we like the EXACT same food there, a little envious that I wasn't ordering one. I did get the Chilli & Cheese Frank with onions. It wasn't covered in butter but instead with veggies & chilli & cheese, it felt a lot lighter (grease-wise) to eat. I only munched 3 or 4 fried before being full after the hotdog. I did have a cup of Sprite, but their water tastes nasty, and the soda is always watered down.

So much walking again! Not as much as Wednesday, but I had to literally thing about propelling myself forward, in order to keep walking.

Dinner was pot-roast tips over left over Puddies. It was a 3 hour wait for dinner after  we got home at 2am, but the food was worth it. I had a really small helping to make sure I finished my bowl. Drank more Gatoraid with dinner, though Hubby tried to convince me to have a coke so he could have Dr.Pepper. Didn't give in, if I had he wouldn't sleep all night with the caffeine in him. I'm a good wife. =)

Today is Friday, Hubby will be up in a bit. I have to drive him to work again and see my family tonight before they leave Saturday morning. My feet flipping hurt more! Will probably go home after I see them and wait for Hubby to be out of work then go pick him up. I'm not planning on working out today, I don't honestly think I could stand on my feet long enough to, but who knows what will happen in several hours.

I'll post a update later.


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