Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Schedule change probably...

Well on Monday for dinner we had breaded chicken over white rice, I only ate half my portion and was full, but I feel like I kinda, sorta, need to mention, before cooking at 2am (dinner for us) over the course of several hours I ate a roll of bread, a couple handful of chips, and a single Hershey's Milk Chocolate almond nugget. A little un-planned un-warranted snacking, but it's done. I did feel kinda nasty after eating those things, like I shouldda gotten some fruit, but at the time that's what was close and that's when the body wanted.

My thighs were killing me by the end of the night from exercise, but that was to be expected. A little part of me wanted to quit before I even got started, but with a pep talk from Hubby, and scaring myself with how out of shape I really am, it should all keep going.

Yesterday, Tuesday, is I guess I'll call a 'free day', it's Hubby's day off, and usually our D&D game day, so whatever happens happens. He had dental surgery to get a tooth pulled, which meant he was babied all day. I'm pretty proud that I only had 1 coke (first time in 4 days, yay!) to go with some re-heated dinner. I ate pretty well (smartish) all day, and did have a cup of frozen yogurt (Mmmmm Taro & Coco'Nilla) when Hubby begged me to go out to Mochi's and get him some.

 Thighs were still sore. Only at the end of the night though, guess the early day caught up with me.

Today, is gonna be a odd day. My middle brother, his wife, and my niece are arriving in Florida for a whirl-wind 3 day visit. I have to drive Hubby to work, they want to come see a movie, which means I'll probably be at Hubby's job allllll day. No idea what's on the menu for the day, I'm planning on a cup of yogurt for breakfast and some grapes. We'll see how the day goes, I don't really see exercise in the cards, but I can always make up for missing a day on Saturday if I have to.

Can't wait to see my family!!!

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