Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Overload?

Well this past week was my birthday, and I have to say Hubby pulled off a kicker of a surprise for me.

We went up to a restaurant near his job and nommed (oh it was good!). Then he dropped me off at Jo-Ann Fabrics so I could look around while he was a sweetie to pick up my friend. The plan was that she was going to hang out at the theater with me for a few hours while he was working and I was going to stay with him at work all day.

He was all dressed for work, told me his manager had given him a extra hour to spend with me, cause she couldn't give him the day off, and even brought his lunch. We went into his job, got tickets, and he said he was walking me into the theater. Now about this time 2 of his employees kept exclaiming that they didn't think he worked that day, so I was suspicious. Then I asked him with movie we were going to see, and he said Pacific Rim. That made little butterflies in my tummy flutter about cause he said he didn't want me to see that movie without him. One of our other friends joined us, then he lead us into the theater and plopped down, announcing that he had the day off and the next 3 days as well! I squee'd and kissed him, quite happy.

We watched the movie (awesome, btw) and parted ways. Hubby and I swung by McD's for a sweet tes(me) and caramel frappe (him) and drove our happy butts home.

We spent the next day lounging and cleaning the house a bit. Mostly lounging. The day was perfect, we even went to Dairy Queen. Until a huge mammoth of a spider made it's way into the bathroom while we were showering. Most of the spiders we've been finding around the house are all legs. Pretty big, but easily squishable. (I've taken to calling Hubby Slayer lately.) This spider, this bastard was freaking HUGE, and didn't want to die. We (he) sprayed it with roach spray (it kills spiders pretty well too), this bastard ran at us! I yelped like some milk-coloured maiden and hid behind him, as the monster spider came right at us, refusing to die. Hubby kept spraying and finally I couldn't breath.

I started heaving. Hubby helped propel me from the bathtub and I sprinted to the other side of the house, trying not to cough or toss my ice cream. Luckily I lasted long enough to kneel down at the other toilet, where I deposited everything we indulged in for the past 2 days.

Spider vanquished, Hubby came into our bedroom and we settled down into bed. He was pissed though, and all the happy vibes of the past 2 days has evaporated like water in a parched desert.

Yesterday wasn't too bad. I could tell he was trying to be pleasant. We stopped by Home Depot, Dairy Queen, and even CVS. For various stuff, food, and Peppermint Oil. We found everything other than the Peppermint Oil. Lounged for the day, and even went out to Dairy Queen again for dinner. (It was gooooood.) Hubby moved some boxes around and we worked together decorating our room a bit more.

Today is going pretty well, so far. I slept in pretty late, we went to a health food store looking for Peppermint Oil and struck out. Went grocery shopping. Swung by the house to drop off the food and then swung back out to go eat breakfast in a Italian restaurant that I love.

He wasn't thrilled with his chicken Parmesan sub, but my Stromboli was the shiznet! He was pleased with the fried ice cream though. Right now he's taking a nap, and we're waiting for Seimi and Zuri to join us for a D&D game. It's thundering outside and all my kitty babies are lounging around. Nice and relaxing.

I'm a year older, but a year younger that initially thought. Here's to another year of love & life!

And yes, that is my husband's chest hair in the lower right of the picture.

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