Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some people REALLY piss me off.

So the other day, Hubby told me one of his employees called him and said that they found a little tuxedo 9 week old kitten someone dumped in the theater dumpster, and ask if he wanted it.

We mulled the idea around a little but, but ultimately he decided no.

So today the same employee was talking to Hubby explaining how she already had 7 kitties and really didn't have room for the baby.


Hubby called me.

"How badly do you want that little kitten?"

I was shocked, and lamely mumbled something about not wanting a new baby to mess us our relationship, or upset him more, or be the foundation of him resenting me.

He said that he was already beyond stressed about the move, and spiders, and everything else, the kitten wouldn't break him. And besides, I was the one at home all day, not him. He didn't care.


The baby kitty will be coming home. Either tonight or tomorrow. It's a boy, about 9 weeks old.

I still can't wrap my mind around that someone threw out another living creature, literally, like a piece pf trash. It pisses me off to no freakin' end! ANY and ALL animals are creatures with souls, feelings, and needs. Not trash! I swear.

If we can't handle the baby we'll rehome him to someone who can.

I dearly hope he settles in to our pride. It's gonna be hectic re-adjusting to a baby. Especially when all of our kitties have settled into adulthood and calmed down. But now Ivory is gonna get what's coming to him, after all the torture (playfulness) he gave the other 3, it's time for a taste of his own medicine.

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