Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Foundling

On Thursday night, Hubby walked into the house and called me to the door. There he held a pet carrier up.

"Say hello to your new Mommy."

His voice was filled with tenderness. If he wasn't in love yet, well he was taken at least.

I was breathless and couldn't take my eyes off the tiny little black ball of fur with white splashes.

I was enchanted and took the carrier. Setting it down on the living room floor I greeted our baby, letting all of our kitties have a chance to sniff while he was safely behind a caged door. It didn't take long before I couldn't resist for a moment longer and opened the door, pulling him out, unsure of what I'd find.

He was clean, eyes bright (even though it was 3am), and very aware of his new surroundings. He didn't seem to have any fleas either. Hubby and I watched, and played with him, while he was intent on making new friends with his (new) siblings. After a few minutes I looked up very pleased.

"I think he fits his name perfectly."

It's very important for me to have a name that fits the personality. This time though, when Hubby first told me about the kitten, when we were still considering it, before he said no, I told him, the baby would be named Orion. I've never ever named anyone or thing before meeting and interacting.

Orion's Belt has always been my favorite constellation. Taking the dog for walks, growing up, at night, the three stars have always been there. A sense of peace and contentment has always filled me whenever I turn my eyes upon them.

We kept him with us last night. There's more than enough growling and hissing going on between the 4 big kitties. Especially Ivory. I didn't want to wake up to find that something awful had happened. So little Orion got his own litter pan, food, and water bowl, and even his own soft plushie kitty toy to play with while we slept.

He was AMAZINGLY quiet last night. Sleeping for a very long time and then quietly going potty and munching food. At about 1pm he climbed up on the bed and started playing, but I wiggled my fingers to him and he spent the next 2.5 hours sleeping on me or playing on my legs while I read a book.

Hubby spent time playing with him after waking up before going to work while I tried to work a kink out of my neck that Orion had decided war the purrrrfect place to sleep.

Today Orion was very determined to make friends with the big kitties. Just as all of our kitties have done when they were little. He got the same response too. Hisses and growling. That will last for about a week or so. Ivory is the only one who has "hunted" and cornered Orion and aggressively hit him. (Don't worry, no claws were used, no boo-boos, and I rescued Orion every time.) It's gonna take Ivory time to adjust to not being the baby, and to reinforce the idea that he's NOT the dominate male. But! I did catch Ivory and Orion eating in separate bowls, side by side for about 10 minutes earlier today.

Zentara has been following Orion around, keeping her distance.

Squee and Ebony, both have been keeping their distance, but allowed Orion to sleep about a foot away from each of them.

Here's our baby last night and today. I found a single flea on him, so he's going to get a bath. It's amazing to see him leaping from couch to footstool with no abandon. Determined to follow the "big kitties" around and even try to pounce them. He'swonderful to carry around and has the sweetest purr, but best of all, he's makes little noises that reminds me of stardust.

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  1. What a beautiful boy. I can't wait to meet him. ^.^