Monday, July 1, 2013

Settling in

Welp, as of 5pm yesterday we no longer live in the apartment. Hubby and I finished up all the little things, threw them into the cars, and drove down to the house.

Hubby is still overstressed beyond belief. I suppose it will just take time.

I'm kinda settling into cleaning things up, making sure dishes are done, kitties are all taken care of, housey stuff, all while rushing to finish up Daddy's engagement present. I still need clear sealant, he might have something in the house that I can use. Hope so.

I'm proud to say I passed up a can of Coke as breakfast this morning and instead had water. Though I foresee at least 1 can being drunk sometime today.

Daddy and I spent some quality time together while I was painting his present.

He is starting to annoy me. First he said Hubby and I would be able to move into his room after he left, then he changed his mind, then changed it back again, and now it's back to a no. NOW he says his fiance can make the decision. Freaking A! We're moving into the master bedroom whatever happens, he won't be here and there's no way in hell I'm staying in a old room that smells like nasty old hockey equipment.

Speaking of which I need to go email his fiance!

1 comment:

  1. Hell yes, girl. He doesn't really have the right to say you can't sleep in there, especially after he's already said yes. And frankly, she has even less.

    You guys deserve to be comfortable, and he's NOT gonna be there. You're his daughter, FFS, not some random stranger.