Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chocolate Talk

Okay, so I like chocolate. It helps curb a craving for sweets, easily, duh. More importantly it helps when I get migraines. The kind that knocks me out in bed with a pillow over my head praying for it to go away.

White chocolate doesn't help, cause it's not really chocolate.

But milk and dark chocolate does the thing and makes the migraines a little less painful.


A year or so ago I noticed some commercials about Brookside Chocolates and was intrigued.

They look good, right? I thought so. So I followed them on Facebook, hoping for a givaway, no luck, they don't seem to give away their products. Then I hunted through stores looking for the bags of goodies.

And was appalled.

At CVS, three months ago I stopped, literally, in the middle of the store and said. "No fucking way." The damn tiny bags were $5.99. EACH! Granted it's 7 ounces of chocolate in there, but $5.99 + tax for a small bag of chocolate that I didn't even know if I liked was out of the question. I bitched to Hubby (who was in the store with me) about the price the entire time.

Pretty pissed and I started to disdane this company for their apparent stingy-ness.

Well then, last week while I was grocery shopping for the second time (all by myself, go me!) I saw the little over-priced bags of taunting chocolates.

And they were on sale!

2 bags for $4!

$2 a bag, yeah I can do that. $2 is not too much to try something new and might not like.

To make it even better there were 2 different flavours.

Welp, I plopped one bag of pomegranate and another of acai into my cart and finished up grocery shopping.

First up:

 The initial impression was, literally, "Meh". Nothing exciting, nothing special, nothing to write home about. That was only 1 chocolate ball, but I ate a few more, and surprisingly the pomegranate sweetness started to shine through. About 5 balls in my mouth at one time (sounds so wrong) was the perfect amount to fully enjoy the flavour.

Will I spend $6 on a single bag? No fucking way, but I might pick up a bag in 6 months if I see it in a 2 for $4 sale again.

Next up:

Initial impression was; "Not bad." Still not exciting, but the blueberry taste came through right away.Unfortunately the more I ate, the bitter-er everything tasted. Probably good for portion control but not a good selling point on my end.

Will I spend $6 on a single bag? No, but again if it's in the 2 for $4 deal I'll pick it up.

Overall it's not bad chocolate, but for a "high end" chocolate as it markets itself to be, it's all fluff and bull.

I'd love to have all 3 chocolates in 3 separate bowls, sharing while I play D&D, sharing some sparkling fruit juices, in a foreign land. Kinda a scene setter. But I won't cry if it doesn't ever happen.

I would like to try the Gogi one, maybe that holds the "wow" factor I'm missing in these 2.


I wasn't compensated by Brookside, or even approached to review their products. It was all done cause I was curious.

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