Monday, July 29, 2013


So on Sundays we decided that was the day the yard work would be done.

Let it be said let it be done.

I usually mow the lawn. Personally love it.

The dog pen, bit enough to hold 2 full grown German Shepherds with room to run, hasn't been mowed in 3 weeks. It was completely overgrown. Daddy also warned me that it was full of holes where the dogs dug. Yesterday I was determined to tackle the pen while Hubby geared up and worked on his own thing.

Well. I stalled out the mower no less than 3 times cause the grass was so thick. I got stuck in holes twice. And I had to "rock" the mower forward 4 times to keep it going, thanks to thick grass.

Fun? Yes.

Nerve wracking? YES!

Mower came out safe and not broken? Hell yes!!

I did scare the bajeezes out of a little bunny in the pen. Poor thing hopped 4 feet straight into the air from a thicket of grass and beelined to the fence. BAM! Right into the fence. The next second it scampered across the backyard and into the woods , safe and maybe not so sound.

Hubby did do something very important, moving some concrete blocks around. Let me show you.

Cute, eh? Like a turret. The blocks are set up to protect a pipe that carries out water to the septic tank. I can't mow over it cause the blades can break the pipe, and with Daddy all the way in Minnesota, we'd be fooked.  Now it nice and protected. Thank the gods!

After finishing up the dog pen Hubby came up to the mower.

"My turn."


"My turn."

"On the mower?"

He nodded.

Shrugging I dismounted and let him climb on.

"How do I work it?"

Hiding a smile I schooled him on the mower and set him loose. Wanna see?

Totally cute!

Please take note of his spiffy leather gloves, bought specifically for yard work.. His hat, Monsters Inc. And his shoes, no sandals, shoes. He's serious.

Gotta say, we got all hot and sweaty yesterday, gross. Worth it though, the backyard looks great.

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