Friday, August 2, 2013

Bags for Breasts

So this morning I got my first contact email from a company.

I was obvious that the email was a generic press release and at first I was excited, then disappointed.

I'm all for battling breast cancer and raising money to do so, but the company that mailed me, well their items are pricey. As in Ka-Ching! The best that the company is offering is 10% of each sale, which I'm sure isn't including the extra cost of shipping. None of the products stand out to me. Cute, pretty, waaaaaaaaay overpriced for anything I'd even consider. Even if I was rich.

Of course if I was rich I'd probably just spend my monies on books, Neocash, and craft supplies, you know, the practical things.

I mulled the email over and over and finally decided to post the link.

This is one of the bags. It's cute, I personally like it in brown, but just not practical for my lifestyle.

They are giving 10% of all profits to women’s Breast Cancer Research so its for a great cause! 

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