Monday, August 19, 2013


Yes I know, I haven't posted. No, I'm not sorry. It's just difficult to post when I'm feeling so negative and upset. What I would have written could have been taken the wrong way and shit could have hit the fan. So I stayed silent, letting time and the days unfold as they will.

So I'm applying to work anywhere and everywhere, even if I do have serious doubts about it. Not that I don't want to work, but if I can't even make it through Wal-Mart without nearly falling on my ass and my knee popping out, how the hell am I suppose to stay on my feet for a 6-8 hour shift? Whatever. I'm gonna try. We'll see how things go.

In other news Orion is on the brink of a growth spurt. His ears are too big for his head, his paws are too big for his legs, and his tail is super thick and longer than it was. He's also the only thing that can consistently make Hubby smile. Really truly smile, and that makes me smile. I haven't heard him cry with his baby "mew" lately, he has been doing an interesting sound but it's rare and I've yet to identify it.

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