Friday, August 23, 2013

Why a ride on lawn mower is like riding a horse.

Other than the fact that it's. you know, not a horse.

Riding a actual horse is like nothing else in the world, let me just clear that up. I probably won't be able to get on the actual beast for a long, long time. We're just going to blame Hubby for that. But! Since I have to make do with my ride-on lawn mower, I have noticed several similarities.

First, the light breeze that kisses your face and flows through your hair. The simple pleasure of being under tree shade after riding in the harsh sun. Feeling each and every bump while your body fights for balance in the seat on uneven ground. Controlling the speed as best you can while looking out around you for dangers, and always end up not seeing something until it's too late. Enjoying the simplicity or movement and successfully maneuvering around objects. Once the course is complete, there's the dread and ugh feeling of cleaning up afterwards, but when your all cleaned up and finished there's great satisfaction of a ride well done.

The most similar thing though, is when your on your freaking period 
and ever tiny movement is torture!

Give me a horse any day, especially my beloved Glow.

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