Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bright sun is bright

Let's see, I wok up early today, at noon, so so early, cause I thought I heark a knock at the door and then a car horn honking an hour before. Needless to say I didn't get up then,but I couldn't get back to sleep. Makes sense, right? Thought so.Deciding to get up I puttered around the living room quietly with our 5 kitties each seeking attention, checked the interwebz, and then looked outside.

Hella bright, but breezy. "Oh yay!" I thought, "I can finish glazing my beasties!"

Went potty, washed my hands, and pulled my hair back before hauling everything outside, and planted my happy ass on the back patio, where I noticed, we did indeed have someone that knocked on our door earlier. A lovely package my baby brother ordered had apparently arrived. Okay, so I pulled it inside, and sat back down on the patio to get glazing.

Every thing was going well, for about five minutes before everything started getting really hot, thanks to the sun. No biggie, I just shoved the glaze & tweezers in the meeger shade, and kept working.


I glaze over aluminum foil, cause it dosen't become one with mysculptures or let anything stick to it after drying. Good idea, right?

Maybe, maybe not. Eventually everything loooked like this:

Sun bouncing off the aluminum = bright.

Who said you could be so bright sun?

Also I may or may not have gotten a little sunburn, I was only out there for a half hour, tops!

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