Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Quiet day

Well yesterday, I can happily say, was an amazing game session! Hours upon hours of nail biting excitement. Good friends, good game, great DM. I didn't want it to ever end!

Today is different. I feel icky and tired and anxious. The only redeeming thing so far, is that Orion is stretched out on his back across my body purring and sleeping, front paws crossed. I'd take a picture but I'm nekkie and don't have an account set up to charge people to look. :p

There are 4 huge crows on my lawn strutting their stuff, entrancing Ivory. Almost as big as him. It's rainy and thundery and cool. Squee is walking around making his own sounds. Ebony is sleeping next to my leg, and Zentara is stretched out on the floor napping. Exciting, right?

That reminds me...I've lost a total of 10 pounds so far! No clue how since I moved, I haven't worked out, or really eaten "well", but that's a bit exciting! The 10 pound loss, that is.

I suppose today is going to be a lazy day. Haven't even brushed my teeth yet. Soon as Orion moves I'll do that and eat a dry bowl of cereal, maybe even brush my hair. Big plans.

Tomorrow I go up to Ocala for a Doctor's appointment to get re-evaluated in hopes of them prescribing me the anxiety meds. Then I get to splurge a wee bit and go to the craft store to pick up some sculpting tools and maybe the book store for a book. We'll see how it goes.

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