Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Daddy's birthday, he turns the big 60. It's also the very first year since I was born that he's not nearby at all. So instead of baking him a 7 layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting and giving him a big hug and gathering with my siblings while we sing "Happy Birthday", I posted a message on Facebook and called him. I'm torn between sad and calm. Glad he's up with his fiance and having a good time, sad that he's not here.

Daddy and I have had our ups and downs while I was growing up. We argued incessantly, fought over the stupidest things, and almost never saw eye to eye. Mom said that's because we're too much alike. I have to mention though, no matter how much we didn't get along, Daddy always, and I mean always, saw each and every show I was in at least once, without fail, no matter how far away I was. Our relationship got much better after I moved out and went to college and even better after he stopped asking me when I was moving home. We're downright perfect now.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy and my baby sister on her wedding day.
 I love you.

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