Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A defeating feeling.

Last night (after another amazingballs D&D game) Hubby and I showered. I asked him to look me over and see if he could see any changes. He had me turn around a couple of times before saying (gently) that he didn't see any big difference. Needless to say I felt even more defeated than I did looking at myself in the mirror last week (you know, during my period when I resemble a puffy marshmallow).

I wish changes were easier to see. It would make things so much easier to keep up. That sinking feeling of being defeated is creeping in. Making it so much easier to just quit.

I don't want to quit.

I want to SEE a change damn it!


Hubby said that my endurance has improved a lot.

Endurance does not make the back fat diminish in the mirror.

I hate this feeling. Hate it.

I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. It's easier this time with Hubby knowing and being so supportive. There's 2 and a half months of Yogalates left. Maybe after that time there will be some sort of physical change. I sure as hell hope so.

Breakfast today was a toasted burger bun with butter and raspberry jam.

Lunch is going to be some leftover chop suey that we made last night and I didn't eat.

Hubby and I are currently discussing over the phone what we're going to have for dinner.

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