Monday, April 1, 2013

On food

I've noticed that during the past few weeks that I haven't really had set meals to eat. Lamely enough it's because we really haven't been grocery shopping for meals. Just the occasional; 'Hey I'm picking up hamburger meat, hamburger helper, and apples before I come home.' Money's a bit tight right now and Hubby has been shopping and keeping an eye on our dwindling checking account on top of stressing about it, so I've been keeping quiet. I don't want to add to the stress/guilt/worry.

We've been eating and decently. It's not like we're starving or surviving on junk food, which is cheaper than healthy food. Even fruits and veggies, which is absurd!

Nothing's really set for my meals though.

It's a little sad. I miss having a set meal to eat for lunch. Right now it's mainly leftovers from the night before. I usually try to hand over leftovers to Hubby for his lunch and make do with whatever else there's left. It's a better meal for him, on the rare occasion he gets a chance to eat at work.

Moving on.

I really felt the soreness in my abs today. It dosen't hurt, but it's sore. A good kind of sore with the promise of strengthening. It feels promising.

I do have to admit that I didn't stay in Down-Face-Dog for the entirity of the pose. My right knee was hurting deep down in the muscle yesterday, so much so, that Hubby put muscle rub on it. It was wobbly today. Really wobbly and I just couldn't hold the pose. Kinda irritating.

Breakfast was a bowl of Corn Pops in rice milk.

Lunch is going to be a piece of leftover chicken and an apple.

Dinner, I hope, is going to be chop suey. We'll see is poor Hubby can make it to Wal-Mart tonight after work for ingredients.

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