Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So many things.

So many things have happened since Saturday.

So many things.

First, and most somber of all, my best friends mom passed on Saturday. It's both re-leaving and worrying. I was never very close with her, but I respected the woman, and enjoyed the time we spent together. I was honoured that she shared her worries about her daughter with me. She's no longer suffering. That's the most important thing. Her family is no longer holding their breaths and can finally breath again.

I'm worried for the future of my friend. She's a strong girl and her dad's a strong, if stubborn man. But she's been through so many things these past few months, that I can hardly grasp. She's doing really well handling her mother's passing. I know it helps to be a part of the process and care-taking, but it seems like I'm holding my breath waiting for her to have a mini-breakdown.

Sounds silly.

I'll always be there for her.

In lighter news, Hubby has had the past 4 days off. It's been wonderful to have him close by. He's relaxing and lounging, just like he deserves. We've over indulged and gotten me a new computer, so I can continue playing FFXI with him, despite my very vocal denials. We've gone out to eat once, and splurged in Burger King's new Pina Colotta smoothies 3 days in a row.

I didn't actually get to work out on Monday. Hubby was in a battle with his computer and by the time he got it to work, he just wanted to play FFXI for the rest of the day. So I caved and lounged with him all day. I did feel awful not working out, if that's anything.

There also was a epic 8.5 hour D&D session yesterday. We splurged again on pizza. It was good to see my best friend actually having fun and laughing. She's probably the only reason we played till 5am. All of us loved seeing her happy after a week of somberness.

Needless to say, the past 4 days I've had more Coke than I should have. It was good. I only regret it a tiny bit.

I will probably work out tonight. Probably.

Breakfast was a bagel with butter, and a cup of tea.

Lunch will be a apple or two.

Dinner will probably be mac & cheese & bacon.

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