Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 10 of 28

Not working out on Monday was really apparent to me today. I still didn't sleep really well, maybe 4 hours of solid sleep then 4 hours of dozing and jerking myself awake. It dosen't help that our AC needs a freon jolt, so it's not cooling anything down, and it humidly hot outside. The AC should be fixed by tomorrow. Yay!

I considered not working out at all today and picking it up next week. I really did. But that just open the door to making more and more excuses and then ultimately not doing anything at all. We can't have that now.

The heat in the house made it more icky working out, I'm totally sure. Then I laid on the floor for 15 minutes trying to cool down. I can't wait to get a shower. (Soon as I'm done writing this!)

Dare I say I think I'm starting to tone up? I might be. My tummy goes flatter when working on the abs and my legs seem stronger during the lower body workout. I still don't see any apparent changes when looking in the mirror. Maybe in 18 more workouts there will be something. I hope.

Breakfast was a bagel half cream cheese half butter.

Lunch is gonna be some leftover angel food cake and apples. (Hey now, I can't let the cake spoil!) Maybe some homemade Chex mix for a snack later.

I don't know about dinner tonight. I'll probably get Hubby to pick up something. I do know there's a McD's Sweet Tea in my future tonight.

P.S. Working out in the dark with a candle is totally soothing.

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