Thursday, April 25, 2013

The aftermath of Vacations.

It's been said, and personally experienced, that you need a vacation after a vacation. This is especially true when you go away for vacation. Packing, tickets, gas, pet sitters, luggage, spending money, car rental, hotel rooms. It's enough to drive a person batty!

Hubby and I have a secret for vacations.

We don't travel.

Vacation for us is staying home doing anything and nothing. Enjoying each others company, appreciating the scarce days we have wholly unto ourselves, and just being. We also indulge eating food that's usually not prepared at our home. Not lots and lots of obscene greasiness, but smoothies, an occasional burger, pizza, chili from Wendy's (for me), stuff like that.

It's the perfect recipe for our type of vacation.

Especially because we had a 3-day Dungeons & Dragons game session going on.

The aftermath of it is the realization that we don't get anything done. (Well we did vacuum & wash the carpet in 1 room.) We don't do dishes every day, or laundry, or anything. Hell, today's the first day I saw the kitchen in 5 days.

We also miss each other. Him going to work leaves the house empty and cold. I realize just how much more I always want him around. It sucks. It sucks more when he calls and says he wishes he was home and misses me. Makes my heart break.

Eventually the numbness that is his going to work every day will become normal again and we'll dream of his next vacation. We're already dreaming of it, planning on how we'll lounge and just be.


I did workout today, despite my period going into a full-blown beginning. I thought 3 days of spotting and mild cramps had to do with the meds mixing into my body and that would be it. Nope. Today is painfully bloody hell, but I worked out. Kinda proud of myself.

Breakfast was some grapes followed, several hours later by, a small bowl of pasta shells with a pat of butter sprinkled with garlic powder and a dash of salt.

I did snack on a peppermint stick and 2 pieces of chocolate.

Lunch is going to have a pickle in it and whatever else I can rustle out of the fridge. No clue what.

Dinner is going to be a burger cooked up here with a couple chips on top of it.

I'm back on the water horse, a lovely teal pitcher half-empty next to me. I -may- have a can of Coke with dinner. Not sure yet.

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