Friday, April 5, 2013

A few things I do...

There's a huge difference between dancing and yogalates. Most of which included the mental state that I workout in, apparently.

With dancing I can have the my laptop open, T.V. on, and the video playing. It's fun. The T.V. really helps me forget just how much I hate a particular set of movements. (Hip-drops I'm lookin' at you.) I can go. With the video playing in the background just loud enough to hear the counts and what's coming next, it's easy to keep up with. It helps provide a similarity to an actual dance class. You know; noise, people, music, the instructor talking, and every other little sound that lends atmosphere in a dance studio. Heck, I can even have another T.V. on with Final Fantasy XI running and it's no problem.

With Yogalates I can't have any of that. Not even one extra thing. It totally destroys my focus. Hell, it destroys the entire integrity of the workout. At first I was a little annoyed with myself. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I even have the T.V. on low? Then I realized that the workout itself was focusing on the body. No extra brain stimulation other than trying to preform eleven-millionty little things at once.

I love it.

About a half hour before starting the workout I go around and turn off all but one light in the upstairs of the apartment. Get my mat (a glorified beach towel), 2 hand towels, and pillow ready on the couch, and then finish watching whatever show I was watching before turning off the T.V. and closing my laptop. Of course, since I'm all hi-tech I pop the DVD into my PS2 and let it run itself to the main menu. While it's doing it's thing I go potty, nom a couple Tums (cause I almost always start getting the heartburn-burps while working out), and move the couch into place.

There's no distractions save my kitties, who know to let me be while I'm working out, and the occasional phone call from Hubby, which lasts less than 30 seconds usually.

It's so relaxing. So...different than anything I've done all my life.

I'm thinking' that from now on I turn off ALL the lights and light a candle. We'll see how that goes on Monday.

Not my photo.

Breakfast was a couple of bites of leftover steak tips and white rice and an apple.

I nommed 2 Twizzlers.

Lunch is going to be an apple, half a can of leftover tuna on a few crackers, and probably another Twizzler or 2.

Dinner is gonna be Hamburger Helper Potato Strogonoff.

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