Saturday, April 20, 2013

The urge.

I got the urge to workout today. Crazy, right? On a Saturday. With Hubby home!

Urgh, what's wrong with me?

Well I got the urge and followed it through, convincing Hubby to take a break from FFXI and work on his D&D game instead while I got all embarrassed and naughty-part sweaty in front of him. Nekkie. I don't envy the view he got, but I wasn't going to change how I workout cause he was home.

How was it?

Well the workout was tougher than normal, not taking the embarrassment into account. Apparently my leg is sore from a sore foot yesterday. Meh. It did cramp during the workout. (Ouch!) But I did the whole thing.

Hubby's assessment?

"I don't think that's the kind of thing that will help you loose weight. It's just a lot of stretching."


So I explained to him parts 1-3 need to be done for 28 days to build up muscle tone, that part 4 was the "hard part", and he hmmmm'ed me. I also nicely pointed out that it's not the only thing I'm sticking to, that he was more than welcome to do it with me on Monday, and he said:

"I'm sure the stretching is good, but I don't really see how it's going to help you."


I'm only on day 12 of 28. Almost halfway there. Not going to stop. Gotta do this. Damn it hubby!

Well, at least I know I can get through the workout with him inside the house and I won't embarrass into a pile of goo.

I just need to ignore the new urge to kick him.

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