Friday, March 29, 2013


I really enjoyed today's workout.

I feel limber and soothed.

That's the best way to put it. Also I didn't notice before but the first 3 sections of the DVD equals a hour of working out. It honestly dosen't seem like it.

Won't lie, during the workout today my right knee popped out of place 3 times. Little pop-outs, not enough to make me stop. Just enough to make me pause and pop it back in. It was wobbly last night. Meh.

I am trying to help my friend relax and invited her to come work out with me whenever she feels like it. I really find the entire workout such a soothing experience that it might help her handle the ungodly stress she must be going through. Hopefully everything will fall into place for her and she comes next week. I'm gonna have to find a new place to move the couch, but whatevs, it's do-able.

It might also give me more of an incentive to deep clean the room.

Poor hubby is having a hard time at work this week. Apparently it's spring break, and that means his job is crazy busy, and of course understaffed. He was in severe pain last night and the night before. Tonight seems no different. Poor guy. I wish there was something more I could do to help ease his pain. Everyone seems to live for the weekends, but at our house we dread 'em. There's no shortage of stupid, mean, lazy, and oh yeah, did I mention stupid? When it comes to his job. Mostly I mean the customers. Mostly.

Let's see...oh yeah!

Breakfast was literally 4 bites of leftover mac & cheese & bacon with an apple.

Water, water, water. I drank an entire pitcher of it yesterday and half a pitcher so far today. apple, maybe some cheese slices...wait. I think I'm gonna do a bagel and cream cheese with an apple to snack on later.

Dinner I think is gonna be Taco Bell...I think. With a Liz Bliz Sobe to drink.

I totally have to go shower, then do laundry, then I'm gonna click around on Neopets while being logged into Final Fantasy XI. Tots looking forward to lounging on Saturday and Sunday. Cause I'm lazy like that.

P.S. Apparently I lied. I ate an apple and 3 Hershey Nuggets for lunch,

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