Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I should be sleeping.

I totally should be sleeping now. It's 3am and I'm suppose to be up/dressed/awake at 7am. I'll be up/dressed/drugged and in some state of awareness, but I can't guarantee how much, with a can of Coke in my hand.

Today I take Daddy to the airport so he can go have a 2 week booty call. Go him! Then I get to try and figure out how to get back by myself. He won't listen to me or his fiancee about writing down/printing out directions, claims the way is easy and signs all mark the way. We'll see about that, it'll be an adventure, that's for sure.

Hubby and one of our friends loaded up 2 cars with stuff Nico can't live without + a few bonuses (box of books YAY) + 2 kitties (Squee & Zentara) and drive a hourish down to Daddy's house. The drive wasn't bad we did have to pull over once cause I was having a panic attack, so I popped a pill for it, and then once more to make a pit stop, cause that's where I ALWAYS stop on the way down.

I'm kinda excited about moving in here and pretty pissed. Excited cause it's all 1 level, open, and spacious in the living areas. Daddy has done his best to make room for us, he only asks that we hold off shoving everything into his room till after he comes back in 2 weeks to get more stuff to take up there. No biggie.

I'm PISSED that BOTH of my brothers left the bedrooms pigstys. It's fucking nasty. And messy. And smelly. Have you ever smelled dirty hockey equipment? Let me tell you its just fucking nasty. So I get to clean at least the room we're staying in of all the shit one brother left behind and hasn't brought over to his big ass house. Probably pull the carpet up, cause well, it's just old. And scrub the hell out of this room. Piss on him, seriously. When I moved out I wasn't allowed to leave any mess at all. The only thing that was allowed to stay was my costumes. The floor was vacuumed, walls scrubbed, fucking place was fucking clean.

This mess left by the brother who thinks I'm worthless and is pissed at me cause I don't have a job. Well fuck him, seriously.

Our 2 kitties with me are pretty scared, they only came out after Daddy went to bed and are now carefully and slowly exploring the house. They'll adjust.

I do miss Hubby. I'm not pining for him but I miss his presence and companionship.

My new blow-up mattress sprung 2 small leaks, I have them taped up for tonight and hopefully I won't be on the ground in the morning. I'm blaming Zentara for that, she was scrambling to flee up on the bed and I'm pretty sure she punctured the mattress.

Hubby will either be visiting me tonight or Thursday night. bringing the final 2 kitties down as well as a few more boxes. Apparently he went into hyperdrive and finished packing up nearly everything left in the house save for the kitchen. Good for him and stress motivation.

Thank you Hubby and friend whom I shall refer to a Zuri! Thank you so much for today and making everything sooth as silk! <3

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