Saturday, June 15, 2013

What happened on Thursday.

So I've moved into my Daddy's place and Hubby is still up at the apartment. It's so odd, like I'm living a different life. Not having him around, especially when it's time to sleep. It's even more odd that I'm not packing right now. Kinda got use to it. Now poor Hubby has taken it upon himself to pack after he gets home from work.

Squee hasn't been feeling well and yesterday he was hardly breathing. There was bubbles of spittle drooling down from his mouth, and eventually one of his eyes was swollen shut. Needless to say I was worried. I called Hubby and he was worried too. I went to sleep early and woke up at 5am to make sure he was at the vet (a hour away) by the time they opened at 7:30am.

The news was, thankfully, good. He has a cold, a virus, that he probably caught while he was staying at the vet those few days last week. He got prescribed some meds to help clear out his nose, and another med to help him relax so he can pee easier. (Cause he's only going in little spurts at a time.)  Oh yes, he also got some steam vapor treatment to help clear up his lungs and some IV fluids, cause he hadn't been eating for the last day and a half.

Expensive kitty.

Big baby.

Well behaved. I mean REALLY well behaved. All the people that work at the vet love him and was actually happy to see him again.

Thank the gods for the Care Credit card!

After the vet visit I (and Squee) crashed with Hubby in the apartment till about 4:30pm. I'm leaving Squee up there till Sunday, in hopes he can relax and get better without and extra stresses. Then I drove back to Daddy's place.

The interwebz been down here, so this post is probably coming late. Tomorrow, hopefully, after I sleep, I'll move some stuff around here and make room for a few more boxes. Then on Sunday, it's a hour drive back up to the apartment and then another hour drive back down here. Thankfully Hubby will be with me. That'll be a nice change.


Food has been...different.

Usually consisting of a bowl of Strawberries & Cream oatmeal when I wake up. Sweet tea to drink.

I had kielbasa (spelling?) & corn on Wednesday and leftovers yesterday.

Today I actually also had a sausage, egg, & cheese sandwich from Dunkin'Doughnuts with orange juice while waiting for Squee to get his vapor treatment. It was sooooo goooood.

I did sneak a can of Coke from the apartment and am currently drinking it along with eating a cup of apple sauce.

My brother brought over some pot roast and mash taters yesterday, so I'll probably heat that up later.

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