Friday, June 21, 2013

Venturing out.

I actually went out today. By myself. Alone.

Long story short I need some food in the house and the kitties needed some chicken broth. Cause, you know, they are not eating! Especially Zentara. -.-

So I packed myself up int Daddy's stationwagon, during a rainstorm, and drove myself 5 minutes down the road to Publix. Thank the Gods it's only 5 minutes away. But I did it. All by myself. ^-^ It's not a huge thing, but it's kinda a big thing. Just kinda.

It's the first time I left the house alone since moving down here.

As far as the dreaded kitty flu goes; Squee (who caught it first) it getting better. I saw him trying to eat dry food before leaving the house earlier. He's having some issues at being locked out of the room we're crashing it. Pawing at the door incessantly. Last night was so bad that I left the room for a hour or 2 to stay with him and let Hubby try to sleep.

Zentara has quarantined herself in one of the kitty homes. I've seen her try to drink water, but she refuses to even look at wet food. I'm prepared to feed her some broth in a eyedropper later, when I can coax her from the box.

Ivory is just miserable. He was the third to fall to the flu. Thankfully he's still eating whenever I open a can of wet food.

Ebony is curled up next to me. her eyes are just starting to get puffy. She is looking for comfort, which I am gladly giving her. She's also been licking all the gravy off the wet food. So she's eating just a little bit.

I hope they all recover soon. My poor babies.


Breakfast was a nectarine (eaten over the sink) and 2 oatmeal cream pies.

Lunch is gonna be some white mountain bread, toasted, with butter and mozzarella cheese.

Dinner, if I'm by myself, is going to be some yellow rice.


  1. I'm proud of youuus!

    Also I hope your babies feel better soon, too, sweetie. Headed to your apartment to grab clothes tonight; Kev told me moving's been delayed until Mon?

    1. Thank you sweetheart! <3

      Hope to see you on Monday. If we get everything moved into the storage unit then Hubby said we can play D&D on Tuesday. 0=)