Monday, June 3, 2013

I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want!

So it's 9:20 am.


I should sooooo be sleeping right now. I'm completely tired, but not sleepy. After lying in bed for oh, let's just say, 4 freaking hours, I decided to get up. For a little bit at least.

I'm hungry, so I ate 3 rice cakes and 3 Hershey's almond nuggets. Then gulped a couple sips of sweet tea.


I really, and I mean REALLY want an apple. Not apple sauce, not apple slices. I just want to crunch into a whole apple. We have apples downstairs, 3 in fact. I threw the 4th away cause it looked suspicious. Like it was going bad from the inside out, not like it was trying to plan a robbery.

Why am I not eating an apple?

Cause I can't frickin' bite into it without possibility (probably) breaking more of my broken tooth off. Damn tooth gets extracted (yoinked out) tomorrow. I don't want to make it any harder on the dentist (or my jaw) than it needs to be.


The sun is SO BRIGHT! Who said you can be this bright sun?

This would be the perfect photo opportunity for the small mass of figures I sculpted over the last 3 days. Ideal lighting. Birds chirping happily. Kitties curled up soundly in various places around the room.


Well today, after I get my ass to sleep finally and wake up again, is filled with packing. We're at the 3 weeks and 6 day mark here people! Maybe, and I mean maybe, I might try to work on a new sculpting project after I get done packing. Who knows.

I'm totally stressing out over the dentist tomorrow. Stressing out cause Hubby is stressing out, and stressing out cause Daddy wants us to house-sit for him when he goes on "vacation". Pfft my Daddy never goes on vacation, we all know he's going up to visit his fiance, and we all know what that means.(~.^) Oh yeah, and by the way he wants me to drive with him down to the airport to drop him off! Oh Gods save me!! That's a frickin' 2 hour drive. EACH WAY.

Oh fuck me. I'm going to try to sleep or at least nap.


Breakfast today will be strawberries & cream oat meal.

Lunch will be chicken Ramen.

Dinner will be whatever the hell Hubby brings home. Or mac & cheese.

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