Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sickness & Pain

Well there was no D&D game yesterday. Hubby is still in severe pain and didn't feel up to running the game. I was disappointed, sad, and a bit upset. I massaged him the night before for-ev-er in hopes to help him feel better. Hell, I've been massaging him every night for the past week. Poor guy.

I know people are reading, okay maybe skimming, this blog. So if anyone has any hints or advice for severe body pain PLEASE leave a comment and help us out!

We've tried everything:

Medicines - over the counter and prescription. The prescription helps ease the pain, but dosen't take it away, and these past 2-3 months the over the counter stuff does nearly nothing. I don't like the idea of him on prescription meds at all.

All Natural - a pill made with mountain daisy, it worked the first time, but not at all since then.

Hot Baths - with Epson salt. Relaxing? That's probably about it.

Alcohol - not mixed with any meds! The thought is that he was too tense and needed to relax a bit, so a cup of wine before bed. It didn't do nuffin'.

Massage - I massage him every chance I get, especially when the pain is severe. It helps him be able to fall asleep, but no long-term help.

Muscle Rub - like Icy Hot & Ben Gay. It helps, for a couple hours, then nadda.

The problem is he has an amazing work ethic and is one of the very few people who do work at his job, so he overworks himself. No matter what I say or his boss says, he'll work to get the job done, done right, and picking up the slack of everyone else. (Cause they all suck.) I've told him time and time again to take it easy, cause even if he's being lazy (his idea of lazy) he still works more than almost anyone else in the building.

We're in the process of getting him blood tests and pain tests that might help tell us why he's in such severe pain, but any other opinions or ideas to deal with the pain would be appreciated!

In retrospect to the cancellation of the game, it was a brilliant idea. I got so sick. It's totally not funny. He got kinda sick too. I don't think it's the flu, but it's not healthy. A cold maybe? Ugh!

I'm sick today too. Yesterday I lived on DayQuil and was miserable. Today I took some Musinex, and am less so. Weather in Florida has been so crazy! A week of heat followed by a week of freezing. My sinuses don't know what's going on. I'm either too hot or too cold. It's stupid.

I did get special 'permission' to skip working out today from Hubby with the promise of 'making it up' tomorrow or Saturday.


I bit the bullet and did it today, a half hour later than I normally do, but I turned on PBS, watched a nature show, and had the workout playing on my laptop loud enough to hear and zoned. Working out while watching something else, zoning out to everything than the show and movement was an experiance.

It was surreal.

I liked it.

I liked the fact that I didn't miss a day more. Okay maybe not more.

Breakfast was the last of my Berry Berry Kix in rice milk.

Lunch is going to be a breakfast pizza. (Hey! We're almost out of food in the house.)

Dinner's going to be a rice skillet meal Hubby picked up the the freezer section last week. It looks light and nummy.

Tomorrow I'm probably gonna zone out completely. Watch Elementary. Do nothing and whatever happens happens. Ugh.

Here's to Friday being a day of feeling better, for both Hubby and me!

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