Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 3 Belly Dancing Wrap-Up

Week 3 of Belly Dancing is over, and a day late.

I'm a day late because I convinced Hubby to call out of work yesterday. He hadn't slept because of the pain. He needed sleep, he needed to feel better, and most of all he needed a break!

So I was a good wife, told him to call out, let him sleep in late, and then when he finally woke up, went out to get him food. Chinese food. From the mall. And a Coke from McD's. AND a small caramel frappe.

Yes, I am that amazing.

I may have picked up some food for myself, and a sweet tea, and a small vanilla shake. Maybe. I may have also had a tummy ache because of the shake. (Tummy no like milk.) And I may have only eaten a little bit of it over the course of the day. Didn't want anyone to think I was starving and going without, or anything. I may have also indulged in a Coke in the late evening too.

So. Yesterday.

I thought about working out while he was sleeping cause I woke up super early 3:30pm. But didn't. I thought about working out right before he woke up. But didn't. I also thought about working out while he was up. But didn't.


I'm not ready for him to see me doing any workout just yet. I work out au natural. No big deal here, remember I am a nudist at heart, nekkie is normal for us. But I'm still in the sweaty-jiggily stage with the occasional grunts during the dreaded hip-drops. Also I wanted to be lazy.

The entire day I felt like I needed to work out. Wanted to. Needed to!

I even talked it over with Hubby, but in the end, I lounged and took care of him. He is more important than one silly workout.

So I did it today. Saturday. It felt great!

Still sweaty, though not as much as it use to be.

Still jiggly, but I'm actually feeling the toning starting.

I also occasionally pant, but mostly it's grunting, to get through certain steps.

Th video dosen't feel like it takes forever anymore either and I love that!

Breakfast today was a bowl of Corn Chex in rice milk, which I really enjoyed.

Lunch is probably going to be some leftover sweet & our chicken with fried rice. (I asked for white rice!! Grrrr!)

Dinner is going to be a surprise. I haven't de-thawed anything and we haven't been shopping yet, so whatever. We go shopping tomorrow. Finally.

I admit, I've been indulging in a can of Coke more than I set out to these past 2 weeks. Mostly cause it's soooo easy to give into Hubby offering me one. He dosen't want to drink a soda without me, but he wants one with dinner most days. It's hard to deny him since he goes and works hard all day and I don't.

It's my vice. I am drinking a LOT less than I use to, which is good, but I want to do better, on a personal level.


I don't even know anymore.

Some meals equal Coke. Like with Pizza. Pizza and Coke. That's the meal.

I'll talk it over with Hubby again.

Next week's the start to week 4 of Belly Dancing!


Hubby did mention that it looked like I've lost some weight and my butt is more toned. YAY!

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