Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 4 of 28

Yesterday started off awful. Just awful. My emotions were all a swirl, I got a not so nice note from my brother-in-law, and that just made it worse. I spent almost 2 hours crying. Hubby found out what happened and he went into overprotective mode, ready to tear the guy a new one. The last thing I wanted was for some sort of family drama to crop up. so after making him swear not to do anything right now, he went out to get us drinks from McD's. Sweet tea for me and a caramel frappe for him.

Then my period started. That's okay I know how to handle it. Evening Primrose pill and a little blue Midol Extended Relief pill.

Then our friends came over. One of which is dealing with the end of her mother's life.

It took a second primrose pill for me to stop crying at random times for no reason, but we played D&D.

It was a gooooooood game.

This month's period is worse than last month's, in terms of pain. Even though I considered not working out today and having a can of Coke with breakfast, I did neither. Also, I only had 1 can of Coke yesterday!

Yogalates wasn't to bad. Admittedly, I literally couldn't contract my abs as much as I wanted to. But that's not something I really have control of right now.

Breakfast was another bagel and cream cheese, with a cup of sweet tea, yum!

Lunch was the remains of a Hawaiian pizza from the game yesterday.

Dinner is going to be mac & cheese & bacon with crescent rolls. There might be a Coke involved later tonight, but I honestly don't know.

Now I'm going to wait for Final Fantasy XI to finish updating, while stalking the NC boards on Neopets, trying to ignore the pain in my tummy.

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