Wednesday, March 13, 2013


There was no D&D game yesterday. Again. I was super upset about that, but I was more upset that for the past 4 days Hubby's had every other day off to rest, relax, in order to be able to run the game. Then on Monday night he overworked himself and the other manager didn't do a damn thing other than sit on his ass!


Yeah I am that pissed about it.

It didn't help that yesterday I had a mini-meltdown about Hubby's health. That it's been 2 months since he's had the first of his bloodwork done and he hasn't gone back to get it finished. He hasn't made an appointment to see the doctor for his severe pain. It's driving me crazy! And his excuse?

He can't go back to the doctor until he gets the bloodwork done, even though the bloodwork is for his shaky hands!

I thought I was gonna strangle him.

So I, being the emotionally worn out wife that I am, picked up the phone to call the Dr's. office, and got tangled in automatic transfer city. Then I had to poop. Like, omgnao! So I thrust the phone to him and told him in my you do it or you die voice (that I rarely ever use) to call and make an appointment.

Well long story short, he didn't make an appointment cause of the automatic answering service of annoyance. I couldn't blame him.We have to try again tomorrow. Which is gonna be Thursday, cause today is Wednesday, even though this all happened on Tuesday. And we still need to make an appointment for his bloodowork. ::facepalm::

After all the melting down ebbed, and the irate irritation lulled, my good old friend Guilt came in for a visit.

We spent the day nomming Publix fried chicken, rolls, and playing Final Fantasy XI.

It was a good day.

He relaxed and started feeling better by midnight. Not good mind you, just better.

I, tried not to let Guilt eat away at what the day could be, it didn't work all the way. I cried a few times, he comforted me. It's getting hard to be the emotionally happy person I am, trying extra hard to keep perky cause he hurts so much. Trying to do everything I can think of to help him.

Last night it all came full circle. He lay on my blow-up mattress, holding me. We chatted about FFXI, the doctor, the kitties, moving, my upcoming surgery, nothing, and everything. We spoke gently about our love and how we worry about each other. About how we get worked up because we care, and that we both know it.

We don't yell or fight or argue.

We both came from families that did that. It's not us. We're quiet.

Hubby says we disagree like Elves:

We'll get all worked up and voice it, neither side giving in, and then as suddenly as it started; we realize how dumb it is to be upset about whatever it is. Then it's over.

Our night ended with intimacy and pleasure.

I slept happily for the first time in 3 weeks.

I'm still worried about him, that's not going to change, but we're working on figuring out what's wrong. It might take time, but we're dedicated to it.


I worked out earlier than normal today, mainly because I wanted to work on my book.

Breakfast was a dark cherry yogurt and a mostly stale roll.

Lunch is going to be a ear of corn and a leftover rib from Sonny's on Sunday.

Dinner will be breaded chicken over white rice.

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