Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 2 of 28

I can't think of a better title, though, I can pretty much assure you that I'm not going to count down every day. It's just not my style.

So I woke up today with my ankle and knees aching. Not the normal ache from the cold, but I actually woke up in so much pain I wanted Tynol. That's a big deal. Usually if I take any meds in the morning it's cause I have to not cause I want to.

Breakfast today was a yummy bowl of Corn Chex with Rice Milk.

I can safely say that today's workout was more challenging than Wednesday's. Why? Well probably cause I was focusing more on the breathing technique instead of just the body movements. So I made myself work more. I'm kinda dreading being to the point where I can maintain my abs while breathing, moving, and squeezing my butt. Okay well; not being at that point, but getting to that point.

I also sweated more than Wednesday. Again probably because of the extra focusing and maybe cause my apartment is 1 degree warmer than it normally is. I can not wait to go take a shower.

Yeah, I'm sitting on my workout mat (a.k.a. the best beach towel ever), laptop pulled up to me on a footstool, typing all sweaty. Just cause. Well, not just cause. As I mentioned before the DVD does not go into a 5 minute rest break after each part and typing feels soothing at the moment.

Lunch is going to be leftover dinner from last night; some steak tips on white rice and probably a yogurt. Ohhh and maybe a apple! I did splurge an finished off the 5 Pringles Chips before working out.

I don't know why but I've been hungrier this past week than I've been in a while. Like I wake up wanting to eat. Which is a oddity, usually I'm good to wait several hours. Also I want dessert after dinner most nights. Not right after, but a hour or two after. Usually I don't have anything, cause I don't want to walk downstairs, sometimes I give in and have a small Hershey's Bliss bite or 3. (Milk chocolate & almond, mmm!) I've also been craving Coke like crazy. It's to the point where I've actually given thought to breaking one out and drinking it before Hubby gets home. On that front I've been good. Very good.

Dinner tonight is going to be Taco Bell! Yay! And probably a can of Coke to go with it. Probably. I love me some Crunch Wrap Supreme. It's full of healthy stuff, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Oh yeah, I'm not working out tomorrow (Saturday) to make up for Monday, cause I'm doing this routine differently than before. 28 sessions total, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Love ya!

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