Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 4 Belly Dancing Wrap-Up

Today was the last day of the Belly Dancing workout.

It's gotten easier while still staying challenging enough that I can feel the stretches and movements in my body. I probably feel them much more than during the first week. Let's hope that's due to my body toning up.

There had been a definable change in the way I've been moving. More fluid, assured, and balanced. It's safe to say I like the change.

I do still have a tummy. It might be a little more tones, but in all honesty I have no idea. All I can tell is when I look down there's a little round tummy between my line of sight and toes.

Next week starts the Yoga & Palates DVD that I have. The hostess(?) calls the combination Yogalates. I've done it before and really enjoyed the experience. My baby brother ( who's in his 20's ) did the video with me several times while he was staying with us.

I was bad yesterday and had 2 Cokes.

Breakfast this morning was leftover mac & cheese & bacon.

Lunch is going to be a yogurt, grapes, and maybe a slice or two of bread.

Dinner is going to be a special treat! Some steak tips in marinade that I've dubbed Dragon Meat, leftover roasted potatoes, and Yorkshire Pudding (made with rice milk nor regular milk, as if that makes it any healthier, whole stick of butter, hello!).

This weekend will host a whole new series of trials. We're having a family dinner, out of town, which means getting in the car, which means panic attacks and anxiety turning my guts into liquid death. It's gonna be worth it though. My baby brother is shipping out for the second time to serve our country, just being able to see him before he leaves makes any anxiety and panic attacks worth it.

Here's to a great weekend!

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