Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Monday

Week 4 of Belly Dancing, the last Monday. It went well. That's about all I have to say for it. I did pause 2 times to let my feet rest, cause I had to. It felt good, not as good as Saturday, but that's probably cause I'm preoccupied worrying about Hubby.

We actually only ate 1 proper 'meal' yesterday, from Sonny's BBQ. He went and picked it up, it was nummy. 1 can of Coke and a sweet tea. Yum!

Breakfast was another bowl of Corn Chex cereal in rice milk.

Lunch was leftover Taco Bell from Friday night. A chicken quesadilla and those cinnamon twists. I regret nothing.

Dinner will be Shake n'Bake pork chops with corn, and roasted potatoes.

Here's to a D&D game tomorrow and Hubby not hurting as much!

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