Friday, March 1, 2013

Belly Dancing Week 2 Wrap-Up

I don't know what happened between Wednesday and today, but it was so much harder to get through the workout. Wait...I didn't take any pain killers, cause my cramps are minimal. Go me. /sarcasm

I've been bad. Pretty bad. Had a Coke both Wednesday and Thursday night with dinner. Why? Well, Wednesday I was OMGCRAVING something and Coke seemed to fit the bill. Last night is cause Hubby brought me up one, when I suggested he treat himself to a Dr.Pepper (ick!), pointing out that I need a treat too. D'awwww! I gave in.


It tasted amazing. I regret nothing.

Also, also, also! I've been wanting chocolate covered raisins like a madwoman for WEEKS now.Hubby bought me 3 boxes of Raisinets last night. 98 cents per box at Wal-Mart.

I completely devoured an entire box before reading on the back 1 box contained 2 servings. Oops? It's a healthy chocolate/fruit, right? Well I admit I might eat another box tonight. Full intention of only having half the box. We'll see how that goes. I did promise Hubby that I wouldn't eat them till after dinner, even though I want them now. No I'm not hungry, just ate lunch, but I want the taste in my mouth. Is that weird?

Breakfast was a bowl of Berry Berry Kix cereal in rice milk.

Working out was rough. Had to pause the video 2 times to let my feet rest, but did all the evil hip drops and everything else.

I did lay on the floor and watch the last half of Kitchen Nightmares, upside down, legs spread, resting, and trying to calm my heart rate. Then a nice hot to cold shower, before trotting myself downstairs to look for food.

Lunch was a cracker, cheese, last of the baby carrots, pepperoni, and ranch dip plate. All outta fruit. I did try to eat a bit of a Oats 'n Honey granola bar that Hubby swore up and down was stale (even though it was sealed in it's package). Tried. Hubby was right. I'm sorry love. Stale and nasty.

No clue for dinner. We'll figure that out later.

Side note:

I've painted 2 watercolour paintings as presents for Hubby. We took them to get framed sometime last month and they arrived home today. I gotta say, even though I don't see myself as a good artist, they look pretty sweet all professionally framed behind glass. I keep looking over at them and smiling. =)

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