Monday, March 25, 2013


My emotions are a a whirl this past week it seems. So many things are happening.

 My baby brother is being deployed overseas again. I miss him so much already, even though he's still stateside for the next month. He's several states away with his unit right now. So I can't even visit. I'd rather him be home in this state safe, and never see him, than him be gone. Is that crazy?

My best friend's mother seems to be releasing into her final rest. She's had a long hard fight with cancer on and off for several decades now, not to mention the struggle with her mental health. I'm really worried for my friend. She's never lost someone close. I'm there for her, I made sure to let her know. But there's more than just her mother to deal with. Their financial situation is shaky, and that's being generous.

My friend has been the breadwinner for almost 2 years now in her household. She's no stranger to hard work and accepts it with good grace. There's nothing too demeaning she won't do as long as it pays the bills. Now her father is demanding that she quit the job she's working at (30 minutes away) to work somewhere closer to home. (They live out in the boonies.) But that's not all, it has to pay at least what she's making now AND has to be paid once a week.

This is the first job she's had that's in a nice building, reasonable pay (more than she's ever made on a paycheck), air conditioned, and the prospect of moving up with the company. Her father's mental. I love him but he's mental. She hasn't worked for the past 2-3 weeks, luckily the company said they understand the family crisis, so that means no money is being made, and no bills will be paid. I worry for her. We can't help her financially, but if need be we'll take her in with us after all is said and done.

I think the final, and most silly straw, that broke the tear dam down, was that my baby sister make Hubby a cheesecake. Yummy and good, right? Yeah...catch is, she kinda blindsided us. "Hey I made you a cheesecake, when can you pick it up?" No notice or anything. Well, 6 hours notice the night before. Needless to say, yesterday Hubby didn't feel like traveling a 45 minutes just to pick up a cheesecake, on his day off. Baby sister's Hubby said she wasn't delivering it to us. So. Today Hubby was suppose to call her and at least say thank you. I reminded him. She make it for him. Well he didn't. He dosen't want to travel to pick it up tomorrow and now he dosen't want to even call her! Not even to say thank you for trying. Urgh!

I've messaged her telling her it's probably safe to just eat it.

Stupid thing, but it pissed me off. That she made it out of the blue. That Hubby won't go pick it up. That I can't pick it up. (we only have one car) That she might feel unappreciated. That I probably upset him by nagging.

It's just stupid. But combined with everything else...


Breakfast today was a onion bagel with cream cheese. I've been craving one for months.

Lunch was a piece of leftover fried chicken from yesterday and a roll.

Dinner is going to be some sort of leftover, maybe a slice of pizza. I don't know.

If I need a snack later, which I'm sure I will it'll be a yogurt.

Working out today was good. It's still tricky trying to keep the abdominal muscles contracted and breath and move, but it went well. I have a lot more days to keep improving. Hopefully eventually my little round tummy will flatten.

I did watch the entire fourth part of the workout. It seems pretty straight forward. I might be able to do it now, but would rather strengthened my wittle muscles before adding it. The last thing I need it to hurt myself while trying to help myself, right?

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