Wednesday, February 6, 2013

After 9 satisfying hours...

Yesterday was a well needed 9 hour D&D game. SO GOOD! Good company, good game, good eats. I can't wait till next Tuesday. Also only had 2 Cokes. Go me!

Breakfast today was the leftover pasta from Sunday and accompanying sausage. Just a tiny bit of pasta, but it worked out well. Water to drink of course.

I'm missing having Gatoraid to drink in the house. Just kinda. Might have Hubby pick up some tonight if he's going to run to the store before he comes home.

I did work out for a half hour today. Think the key is not rushing through everything. Found myself trying to do it all a bit quickly and forced myself to slowdown and BREATH. Still need to work on remembering to breath. It's stupidly not as easy as it sounds. 15 sets of everything with the nominal 20 sit-ups. I did have to take several short 5-10 second breaks again when standing, but am chalking that up to my feet still HURTING.

I did find myself being afraid of the thought of starting belly dancing after next week. Sounds silly, but I can do this much now, what if I fail at trying to do more? I know it's silly and I know I can move on after next week. Just fears I guess. Fear at failing.

I did have Hubby give me the once over look after my shower yesterday to see if he can see any changes, cause gods know I can't. After a few critical minutes there was a verdict.

"Your butt looks better."

"Really? How? Anything else?"

"Nope, not yet, your but looks firmer though. Keep it up, your doing good."

With his hug winning smile and a hug I took the token improvement happily. It's small but it's a start.

Probably not going to go to the Ren Faire this year, but whatever, I'm just not feelin' it, and it dosen't help that I don't fit into any of my outfits. Meh.

Not sure what I'm going to eat later maybe the lone yogurt in the fridge.

Dinner will finally be buttered chicken over spinach leaves with croutons.

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