Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Better than Monday

The pain's still here, but working out today was so much better than Monday. Maybe something's getting toned! I can only hope. I seriously felt some of the movement moving. Does that make sense?  There was a big leap forward in shoulder movement, I actually smiled.


Yesterday was D&D a kinda short game, but REALLY good. Poor Hubby had to stop early cause he was in so much pain. Still, really good game.

We also splurged on pizza. It was good. Very good. Lots of leftovers. I indulged a bit yesterday and the night before, and today on a very sweet present of chocolates from one of Hubby's co-managers. She use to work at the local Books-A-Million. Sadly the store closed it's doors last week, but she grabbed a pile of goodies to send to me.

There was some Grasshopper Aisian Snack Mix of Rice Nuts. YUM! Those lasted all of a day and a half, truth be told, it was all I ate other than dinner.

(Not my picture.)

 Did learn 1 thing. I'm not a big fan of Wasabi. Too spicy-mustard-y. (The green one is wasabi.) Totally do-able with one of the peanut things.

Then there was a completely orgasmic white velvet chocolate cupcake with coconut frosting

(Picture from

This isn't the exact cupcake but it looks just like it! Orgasmic. Completely orgasmic. I'm gonna re-create this beauty in cake-ball form. Glad Hubby brought home 1 any more would be irresistible and eaten in an instant.

The goodies continued to 3 different Godiva chocolates.

Yeah. You heard me.

The Milk Chocolate Sundae in Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar. This bad boy went down last night with the intention of only having 2 pieces. Before I knew it the entire thing was gone! So so so good. Dark chocolate the cream in the center totally had the truffle vibe going on. Wants more.

This was the Strawberries & Cream in White Chocolate Truffle Bar. Good, but didn't WOW me. It would probably be better frozen. I'm a white chocolate snob and this bar didn't make my personal cut. The strawberries in the center was essentially jam. Wasn't bad. Wasn't good. I ate one piece on Saturday night then finished off the other 3 pieces today cause I didn't want to throw it away and wanted to like it more.

I have one of these. Still to be eaten. Somewhere in my brain I've tried these before, but I can't remember. I'll probably pass judgement on this Friday. I want to like it, right now I'm on a peppermint kick. Let's hope this dosen't ruin it.

Breakfast today was my last cherry yogurt.

Lunch was 2 small pieces of supreme pizza. Veggies on pizza is healthy, right?

Dinner is gonna be breaded chicken over white rice. Can't wait!

Looking forward to this period pain to be over. Looking forward to Thursday, that's my 'do nothing' day.   

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