Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Less sweat, let's hope!

Yesterday was my beloved D&D game, full of gut-twisting anxiety! Yay! 2 cans of well deserved Coke. I wanna plaaaaaaaaay!

Other than the fact that my air mattress decided to become possessed and one side of it is swollen, while the other side is normal. We let out air to try to even it out. Didn't help. Emptied the entire mattress and refilled it. Didn't help. Hubby tried to lay on the puffy side to squish it down. Didn't help. He threatened to run out to Super Wal-Mart and buy a new one, I declined force-ably, declaring that I'd make the best of things for the night.


8am rolls around I FINALLY get to sleep.

3 hours of sleep later.

He was right.

I'll be getting a new air mattress tonight.

Leftover Denny's Belgian Waffle slam from last night, more specifically half a waffle, 2 sausage links, and half of the eggs, made my breakfast this morning. Hey! I didn't want to waste food, and I reeeeeeeealy wanted fruit & veggies for lunch, so I had to eat my leftovers. Obviously.

I put my foot down (as gently as I could) to Hubby when he hinted again that I was gonna have a soda tonight with dinner, he also was trying to insist that I eat lasagna (leftover from D&D yesterday) for lunch today. I said, to the best of my recollection, that if he wants to see my weight get into control, then he's gonna have to support the small change in my eating habits. Not big, but I have a certain kind of food I wanna eat during the day, dinner is whatever with no restraint except on the soda. It's healthier, I'm full, and if I need a snack I'll get one during the daytime. I think I took him aback a wee bit. Feel badly but, I feel worse telling him no I'm not having a Coke with dinner most nights. Or, no, I'm not going to eat those leftovers when they make you a perfectly good lunch, I have food! 

So round two of belly dancing happened today. I did better than Monday, other than my feet hurting, and being totally uncoordinated moving my legs and arms. Time seemed to go by faster. I sweated and jiggled for 29 minutes and 10 seconds. Less silent cursing. A bit less sweaty naughty. Win win? Well, we'll see.

I'm lovin' the shower right after working out.

Not loving moving the couch after working out.

Hubby is a champ and will also be looking for something to go on the bottom feet of the couch so it will be easier to slide.

Did I mention I fucking love my Hubby?


Lunch was a double handful of baby carrots, 6 slices of colby-jack cheese, a couple bunches of red grapes, and a Hidden Valley Ranch dip. Only used less than half of the dip. Sooooo yummy.

Water, water, water of course.

Dinner is gonna be steak tips, cooked in butter and spices, over white rice, yummy!

There's something else I wanted to mention, but I totally forgot what it was.

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