Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day...early.

Frustratingly enough D&D was cancelled yesterday cause one of our players was sick. =(

The day was pretty amazing though!

My books were delivered from Barnes & Noble. Yay! Hubby asked at least 3x if he could open the box while he was opening it. It was great to see him excited. Then we packed up 2 watercolours and headed out to Michael's Craft Store to get them framed. Framing is EXPENSIVE! Disgustingly so. They are his paintings so his decisions. Next stop was a shoe store, he needed new shoes. He's a madman at work and always wears out the heels of his shoes to less than nothing. He's also really picky so I hope these shoes work out. A quick jump over to Gamestop to look for a Neocash Card (for me), stupid store smelled like mold and didn't have any cards, booo!

I was so hungry by the time we got done it was crazy. I'd been up since 3-4 and it was 7 so my tummy was turning on itself. We treated ourselves to a yummy little place called Logan'sRoadhouse.

It could have been such a bad meal. My sweet tea wasn't sweet, they were out of mac & cheese, and they didn't have our dessert (mini strawberry cheesecakes). Our server was such a delight! Poor guy. The rest of the meal was amazing. Beer batter bread, perfectly cooked steaks, amazing potato skins,  steamed broccoli everything! Yummy yum yum. I didn't eat it all there, only about 1/2 the meal, the rest came home to be nomed on throughout the rest of our day. Our server surprised us, by packing a freaking HUGE brownie (we asked for our dessert to go). He must have felt bad about everything earlier, and happy we didn't complain about a single thing. Non-sweet tea? No problem, I'll just gulp it down cause I'm mega thirsty. No mac & cheese? Whatever! Bring on the freshly baked potato chips. None of my fav mini strawberry cheesecakes? Well let me look over the menu again....okay brownie!

I swear that brownie is gonna last me 2 weeks.

The only downfall to an amazing day yesterday was that my feet hurt worse than ever. Still hurt like crazy today. Meh.

Yesterday was our Valentines Day. Hubby works on the 14th. I even got my pressie. (Yay Nc Card!)

So breakfast today was the remainder of leftovers yesterday. That's not bad is it? I didn't want to waste food.

Worked out again, same 15 sets of dance stretches. 20 situps & backwards situps.

Lunch was a snack of goldfish crackers. I didn't want much. Though I'm still craving chocolate like crazy.

No clue with dinner again. =P

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