Friday, February 1, 2013

Second Week Wrap-Up

So it's now officially 2 weeks, yay! 2 more weeks of dance warm-ups to go then onto belly dancing for a month then yoga-lates for a month. Probably gonna rotate those so this old body dosen't get too use to one routine.

I feel better as a whole. That's a good thing. Looking forward to working out every other day so far.

Did 10 sets of everything again 20 pushups. The pushups are still weak but I'm getting a higher lift off the floor than last week.

Weighed myself at Publix on Tuesday, we don't have a scale at our house and don't want to get one. 174lbs. That's 40lbs I'd like to loose to get down to 130, but would probably be happy at 150lbs.

Onto food:

I did have a Milano cookie Wednesday night at 11ish. Seriously the chocolate craving was HUGE.

Dinner was Mac & Cheese & Bacon with some leftover frozen yogurt for dessert. Yummy.

Today breakfast was a fresh fried chicken leg from Publix & a banana.

Really odd breakfast, but Hubby had to go to Publix and pick up a new antibiotic prescription cause the old stuff was making him dizzy and sick. He wanted chicken and picked up some. Can't say I blame him that stuff is ah-mazing.

Lunch will probably be the other chicken leg and something else, maybe the last of the grapes before they go bad.

Water, water, water all the live long day. I'm looking forward to my Coke on Sunday, just one though.

Dinner is gonna be some butter chicken cooked on the stovetop by me, over a bed of fresh spinach leaves, with a couple croutons. Can't wait!

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