Monday, February 18, 2013

Harder than I remember...

I've been both looking forward to and dreading today. So looking forward to a new routine for the next 4 weeks.

Fond memories of bellydancing (working out) for 4 months a year or two ago. Becoming obsessed with finding just the right silky material to make a waist scarf with the little coins so I could see/hear/feel them jingle about and shimmer as I did hip thrusts and twists. Feeling like a Goddess, calm, and beautiful at the end of the session. I wanted to feel like this again! I LOVED it. Felt better, looked better, a better mood, more energy, hell yeah!

Then the dread. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to last the entire session. What if I hurt myself? What if I looked like a blobby fool? Oh dear god what if I quit and had to tell Hubby?!? My feet were already hurting like crazy what the fuck am I thinking? It was enough to make me sick to my tummy.

Well today reality hit.

And it hit HARD.

I woke up early (thank you Tim for calling Hubby at home while we were SLEEPING an waking me up /angry face) after a couple hours got hungry and ate three slices of the amazingness that Publix calls White Mountain Bread. You know the freshly baked thinly sliced bakery kind. Yeah, YUM. Then a hour later, after sending Hubby out the door, I nommed a cup of pineapple yogurt, for real breakfast. I was actually feeling good for the first time in weeks.

After indulging in some Neopet clicking, cleaning, and my new guilty pleasure, the Carrie Diaries, I decided it was time.

Still praising the person who uploaded Neena & Veena - Basic Dancing Moves ( in 4 parts). Love those women! It's a total of 29minutes and 10 seconds. (7:27 + 10 + 6:21 + 5:12) I took out time for the first Video's intro.
 Hubby did interrupt and call during one portion of the third video, in which I paused it and panted some answers through the phone.

Anywhoo. I spend the entire workout doing it all amazed that I was doing it at all while cursing them. I use to be tiny and perfect like that, I use to look like that, what the hell happened to me? Whatever. I've made peace with how I gained so much weight. But to be that tiny again WITH these boobs, I'll sign up for that any day! Kinda surprised that my feet started bothering me so much during the standing work, well not really, more like disappointed. Remembered how much of a jiggily mess my boobs are, and hips, and butt. Complete mess. Jiggles like jello. Remembering that, oh yeah, when I started doing this last time I was a jiggily sweaty mess. So nasty and sweaty! Especially between my legs, yuck. Yup, nothing changed this time around. Other than a little arm-pit smell, a very little, I didn't sweat anywhere else, proud to report. (Don't worry, I showered right after.)

I love love love the floorwork, it comes on part 4, so relaxing, strong, and soothing. THAT clenches the Goddess feel for me. 

Good and bad all rolled up into one that I'm going to do again on Wednesday, and again, and again for the next 4 weeks.

Lunch is gonna be some leftover fried chicken, potato salad, a piece of bread, and water.

Some more cleaning to do. I was laaaazy last week nursing my own feet pains.

Dinner is probably gonna be broccoli & cheese soup.

Here's to it being harder than I remember but satisfying being able to do it!

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