Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 3 Ending

Well it's Friday, the third week of this whole journey, a couple of things to note:

  • I REALLY wish changes were easier to see, if there are any at all. It would make this so much easier. Look! You're ass is less fatty, sweet! Go girl, go! Yeah...that would be nice.

  •  I'm happy to report I'm not hungry as much, water probably plays a big deal in that.

  • The only tricky time is 11pm-1am that when the omgIgottaeatnowordie happens. Instead of wholly fighting it, I've snacked just a little. Maybe crackers or a piece of chocolate. 

  •  I'm perspiring a bit less than when I started, that's good, it's easier to get through the whole routine without dying. 

  • Still gotta work on breathing. 

  • My legs feel stronger. Feet still hurt but that has nothing to do with any of this. I'm worried about my knee popping out of place and being laid up for weeks again.
Food yesterday was nice, cereal for breakfast (Berry Berry Kix), in rice milk. Lunch was several slices of Colby-Jack cheese, crackers, and Spinach leaves. Made a pretty tasty meal. Dinner was Mac & Cheese & Bacon. Ohh I have to note, I did have a double helping of Lemon bars for dessert, that Hubby made, but it was too much, so only 1 tonight. =P

Also Hubby surprised me with an entire box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates last night. So sweet. I only ate 1.

I'm a little annoyed he keeps getting me goodies, but in the end he's right. I have a craving sometimes, and chocolate does help with my migraines, so it's good to have around. I'm insisting on sharing the box with him, he deserves goodies too.

I've kept up the 15 sets of exercises today, 20 sit-ups and 20 reverse sit-ups. Added some more arm stretches to the routine.

Breakfast was another bowl of cereal, haven't had lunch yet, probably gonna be more crackers, spinach leaves, and cheese.

No idea what's for dinner, none whatsoever.

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